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  1. Jefferson
    Counting down the days to the last double header!
  2. toybm
    Good luck to everyone this weekend. Safe racing to all.
  3. Jefferson
    Sunny practice, Rainy round 2, and sunny Round 3? Greeeaaaaat.
  4. rparsloe
    Whoop whoop - rounds 2 & 3 happening soon... Many thanks to the Volunteers and the EMRA crew!
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  5. Spiffy
    Everyday I’m shuffling.
  6. marmstro
  7. toybm
    2 days - Ughh, do I need Rain Tires now??? !!!!
  8. marmstro
  9. Dan
  10. James007
    Looking for a track bike for 2018.
    1. Andy75
      I have a gsxr1000 K5. Race ready and in compliance with EMRA rules. Runs great, just needs some little tlc and a oil change.
      Jun 13, 2018
  11. toybm
    New year, new things.
  12. DEFBOY35
    I like bikes
  13. Engine Guy
    Engine Guy
    Sharp comment here
  14. Andy75
    2016 intermediate rookie of the year
  15. marmstro
    They were for a friends and he got some. Thanks though...
  16. Kirkm454
    Kirkm454 marmstro
    I have 2 sets for 300 they are new
  17. marmstro
    Edmonton. Send my friend a message. He is Whoopazz1

  18. S-african
    S-african marmstro
    I have DOT. SC1 front and SC2 rear. Only 13 laps on them.
    Where are you or your friend located?
  19. Greg Taylor
    Greg Taylor Dave86
    sorry i mean formula 112
  20. Greg Taylor
    Greg Taylor Dave86
    Hi Dave, My points ion sportsman are not combined again, could you please combine them and since i am not running the 600 other than for a rain bike is it possible to combine everything back into one account again? Either one would work just let me know so when i register for the next rounds I use the correct one. Thanks.