2007 AMA GSXR1000 Superbike ESP Team Bike

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    2007 GSXR1000 AMA Superbike. ESP Racing Chris Perris


    • you might be able to road legal it i have no idea. Its out of the US. And was from factory right to the Team. I bought it from a Broker in Arizona.

    This was his B bike. Raced at Daytona. I bought it with stock wheels and the ESP Original Fairings. Came with a box of misc parts. Couple of ECUs and some Sprockets and other misc parts. I low sided it on a slow corner at Strato so original fairings took some damage. I ordered some World Superbike replicas that will come with the bike.

    Bike was completely overhauled by Vass Performance when i acquired it.


    New Ohlins internals

    Ohlins TTX rear

    Exhaust, Brakes, Wheels Upgrades:
    -BrakeTech cast Iron floating Fronts.
    -Brembo M4 Mono Block Calipers
    -Vesrah VD9031xx pads
    -Galfer Wave Rear
    -Brembo RCS Master 19mm
    -Brembo RCS Clutch 16mm
    -Galfer braided Clutch Line
    -Speigler Rennsport Single style Lines
    -Rear OEM master.
    -Titanium Caliper Bolts
    Titanium Rotor Bolts
    Titanium Cush Pins in Rear Sprocket Drive
    Titanium Sprocket Nuts
    Light Tech Billet Chain Adjusters
    Light Tech paddock quick Lifters

    JB Magtan 16.5” actual MotoGP Magnesium Wheels ( you will need some OEM wheels anything from 2005 up will fit with spacers, these JBs are hard to get rubber for now)

    -Multiple Rear Sprockets sizes by Driven in Red, Orange, Gold
    -520 Chain And Sprocket Setup
    -axle Sliders Front and Rear
    -Yosh Titanium AMA oversized piping exhaust with TRC can.

    Add on for $2500
    -Galespeed Magneium Wheels
    -Galfer Superbike Rotors
    -Galfer superlite Rear Wave Rotor
    -Ti rotor bolts front and back
    -Ti Cush Drive Pins custom made.
    -Ti Sprocket Nuts
    -Driven 520 ultrlite Sprocket

    Add on for $400
    -Pit bull rear stand spool and lifters style
    -Pitbull Front hybrid lifter fork lift and Triple lift

    -Starlane DaVinci-S Dash
    -NRG Quick Shifter
    -Bazzaz Tuning system
    -Bazzaz quick shifter
    -Motion Pro Fully customizable Throttle
    -Clip Ons
    -GPR dampener
    -Keyless start bypass
    -Ballistic tiny Lithium Battery
    -Ballistic Lithium Charger
    -Quickturn gas-cap
    -Vortex Rearsets
    -Yosh case Guards

    Bin of Misc Parts. Extra ECU, Sprockets, used brake pads, some extra sliders etc…. Bin came
    With the Bike when i ordered it.

    contact me if interested. I have lots of pics and can video it for you etc. Answer any questions you have.

    $8000 with the JB Magtan MotoGP 16.5” wheels
    +$2500 for the lighter Galespeeds in 17”

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