2007 GSXR-600 race bike for parts - SOLD

Discussion in 'Buy and Sell' started by Bongo, Aug 3, 2021.

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    Hi All,

    Bought the bike 3 years ago off an EMRA member; it ran but I never got to use it as I noticed a coolant leak (water getting into the oil) somewhere; could be a simple fix, could be expensive. I didn’t have time to investigate. So, it’s been sitting since then.

    Aside from engine internals which are in unknown condition, everything is in very good condition including but not limited to:
    • All the engine ancillaries (starter, water pump, etc)
    • Keyless vortex fuel cap
    • Wheels and rotors (but chain and sprockets are worn)
    • BMC filter (and 1 oem paper filter), extra oil filter
    • Brembo brake master cylinder
    • Motion pro quickturn throttle
    • Vortex rear sets
    • Penske rear shock/spring/remote reservoir
    • Front end (left fork has a small leak at the seal)
    • Hotbodies race bodywork
    • Power commander 3 and quickshifter with rod
    • And more…

    I’m in the north end of the Okanagan in BC. The bike’s available for pickup here. Anybody at Area27 driving home this week? I’ll also be down there next week if anyone’s vacationing in the area.
    I occasionally go to Calgary, so arrangements could possibly be made. Or meet half way? Whatever works.

    Everything for $1200 obo.

    Or, let me know if you need a part and we’ll negotiate a price (shipping the buyer’s responsibility). I can send pics of anything you’re curious about; message with questions.

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    Interested in the bike. I am in Penticton. Sent ya a PM thanks

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