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    Norbert aka "Jaju"
    I'd like to thank every member of this society for their contributions on or off the track. Without such a great group of people, we could never imagine having such a great club/society!

    I am running for president because there are fundamental values and changes that I believe will improve the club and turn the ownership of it back over to the members.

    About me and how I came to be involved with the EMRA:
    • In the early 80's dad brought home a used Honda Trail 70 and my friend had a DS80. We rode those things into the ground! I was Hooked! Later an RMZ came along....
    • I started riding motorcycles in 1987 and left the sport a year later after the tragic loss of my best friend in a 1988 motorcycle crash.
    • I moved to Calgary in 1998 and bought a new motorcycle in 1999, joining the Calgary Ground Pilots.
    • 2006 – Moved to Edmonton, joined Edmonton Sports Riderz
    • 2007 – Left Canada to work over seas
    • 2008 – Returned to Canada and joined the EMRA by doing track days.
    • 2009 - Race school.
    • 2010-2012 I was involved in many facets of the EMRA as a volunteer from race school to track days.
    • 2013 - I became a member of the executive
      • At the end of 2013 I did not run for executive again due to a crash injury
    • 2014 to 2019 I was absent from the track because of the injury.
    • 2018 – After a 3rd surgery and finally success, Cory Crowe suggested we do A27 in 2019. I began searching for a bike to build and make a return. But it had to be something I knew....
    • 2019 - return of “JAJU” as a track day rider and racer
    • At the awards banquet in 2019 I received the LEO Johnston award for 2019
      • the Leo Johnston Memorial Award- given to an individual that goes beyond the ordinary in terms of helping others
    • 2019 – Ran for executive director for 2020
    • 2020 – director for the EMRA.
    Some of the changes that I hope to help bring to the club in 2021:
    • Some guidelines to help govern the executive:
      • A Code of Conduct
      • Policies and Procedures
        • Including but not limited to a conflict of interest policy
    • By law updates
    • Open and respectful dialog with and for all members
    • Succession plans
    • Transparency to the membership as a whole - ie. An electronic newsletter with regular updates to the membership
    • a more inclusive club for ALL members including lower rates when there are profits
    Furthermore, I hope we can continue to bring great events to our membership and possibly expand on them:
    • Racing
    • Track Days
    • Air Fence Fundraisers
    • Maintaining and growing business relationships that are beneficial to the EMRA.
    • Banquets and Awards
    I strongly believe that the EMRA is a community of riders; not just racers or track day riders or volunteers. It takes all of us to make this club a success.......
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    Being I'm rarely one to bite my tongue...

    I've been watching your tactics for months now. Seeing the way you go about things, is NOT a change the club needs IMO. To be blunt, the way you've approached many things is flat out bush-league and unprofessional.

    The people who have been running this club for as long as I know, have ALL been tactful, respectful, and hold themselves to a level of class because they know the position they're in.

    I cannot say you've shown the same...

    The methods and styles you're using to get what you want show that you should be nowhere near running this club IMO. The reason the club has grown so much, IS because of the people who have been in charge up to this point. I've had the privilege of being on the executive with 3 past presidents, and I can confidently say not a single one of them would present themselves how you have been presenting yourself.

    I am confident the current EMRA membership sees this as well though, so I think the club should be safe.
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    Wilson Kwan
    To speak on the transparency bit regarding lower fees where there are profits:

    Every year, an item on the annual agenda is for the exec to review membership and all race fees while taking into account how much money is in the reserve fund. This item is compulsory

    Fees have already been reduced in the last few years. I would even hazard (complete speculation on my part) that fees are reduced every 3-4 years on average, that I've seen. Rarely do they ever go up (anecdote: I've never seen them go up).

    I wanted to clarify this point since you mentioned transparency. I.e. the club is always proactively looking to lower fees and costs for EMRA members whether it concerns membership fees, race fees, or swag. It is not a specific talking point brought up by a specific person nor should any one person be given all the credit for bringing it up -all execs get the same vote when that compulsory item is brought up annually.

    This isnt to slag you, but clarify the item in case people misconstrue your post -it comes across as one person appearing to make a hefty promise when they have no more control over it than the rest of the exec.
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    honda rider
    Dana I must say WELL SAID

    Norbert to add to Dana's comments I to have seen some of the moves you had tried to make in the past few months and it leaves a sour taste in my mouth that someone like yourself that wants to step on sooo many feet and create such a uproar in the community wants to run for president !

    That being said you should step back and see what the exec( minus urself) have done for the EMRA over the past 10 years and stop thinking about what YOUR going to do and think about how you can contribute.
    Im not sure if you know how many people think you running for president would be such a BAD idea, it may be time to stop and think before ruining not only the EMRA name but the people who volunteer next to you.....
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