2021 Race Fees

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    Good news and bad news. Good news is race fees will remain the same as last year! Bad news is with COVID restrictions still a thing we won't be able to offer All Access passes. Those of you that have purchased them expect a refund shortly. Other than that, all is good. You will not find cheaper racing or a better on-track product. The EMRA provides riders with the absolute best bang for the buck. Endurance race pricing is still to be determined.

    Here is a break down of the race fee pricing:

    EMRA Membership $40
    Race license fee $50
    Air Fence deposit $100
    Race School $325 (this price includes a 2021 EMRA membership)
    Practice day $150
    Novice race day $100
    First Intermediate/Expert race $90
    All other races $30
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