GSX-R 750 in Superbike & Open Sportbike

Discussion in 'Open Forum' started by bigjake, Jul 14, 2017.

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    Hey everyone,
    After several years of Hardnox trackdays (currently on a street legal CBR1000), I'm looking at building a track bike for the 2018 EMRA season (I'm not getting any younger apparently). I was wondering, since the GSX-R 750 is eligible for either Superbike or Open Sportbike Classes where the 1000cc bikes run, if anyone is racing a 750 in those classes and if they're competitive? Or perhaps a 600 or 1000 is the way to go (assuming I make it out of Novice of course).....
    Thanks in advance,
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    Shane C Fraser
    Basically a 750 is classified the same as a 1000 here. Eligible for the same classes. A 600 does open more options as to which classes you can run. But all depends on if you feel you need the extra jam to keep up with the 1000's. There are some fast guys out there for sure
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    Thad Klassen
    I race a GSXR 750. There is lots of classes to run in. Like what Shane said the 600 allows you to run in a few more classes. I feel the bike is just fine racing with 1000. If you have the drive out the corner and with the shorter track. You can out perform a litre bike. That's my 2c.
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    If you are picking a 4 cylinder bike to race the 2 best options are the 600 or the 1000. In club racing the rider is the dominant factor in the results, and Castrol is not tight enough to reward a 750 over a 1000. Yes a good rider on a 750 can beat another club racer on a 1000, but the same applies for a 600 vs a 1000.

    In picking a 1000 you have a minimum of 3 classes to run in (4 if you are over 35) and the number expands significantly if you pick a 600. From my experience few people race more than 4 classes, but the options are there depending on your choice.

    If you already owned a 750 I would say race it and have fun, but since you are in the process of picking, it wouldn't be one of my first 2 choices.
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    Tricia Reese
    I run one and I like it. That being said, the reason I like it is because it was cheaper than any other bike I was looking at. You have to save money where you can! Had I found a 600 for the same price I would have gone that way-just because there are more options for races.

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