Hot August Track Attacks Setup This Friday!

Discussion in 'Volunteers' started by 2quickrides, Aug 13, 2019.

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    Track days time!!!!!!!!

    Did you know that Castrol raceway will give a 10% discount on your next track day for helping set up air fence on their track weekends? You can then use that money towards gas and parts to go faster! Either way, come out and help setup the track! It’s the best way to see it closely and maybe get some tips from some fast guys.

    Date: Friday August 16th 2019
    Time: Arrive between 5:00pm and 6:00pm (We understand that it is hard to make it out early after work. The earliest you can is appreciated.)

    We will meet in corner 1 around 5:00 and get going, if you don't see us we might be loading up the trailer on the return road. Check in with Eric or Sean when you get there and we will take your names down. It is up to you to make sure we have your info.

    Thanks to everyone who comes out to help! You are always appreciated!

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