Proposal to postpone the AGM

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    Tricia Reese
    Open letter to the EMRA Executive and Members

    RE: Postponing the AGM due to Covid restrictions

    Proposal: Legally the Executive can postpone the AGM up to six months after the fiscal year. I propose the Executive postpone the AGM and revisit the situation in mid-January and at regular intervals thereafter, until the membership can gather safely.

    (The rest of this long-windedness is just the justification for my proposal).

    Historically, the AGM has been a great place for rule changes and discussing the coming season. The key is the discussion. In a Zoom environment, because of time and software restraints, we would not be able to discuss and add to these rule changes - they would have to be presented as “live or die”. A room monitor would have to moderate who would speak and how often, making rebuttals difficult. It is rare for a rule change without amendment, therefore it would be impractical to discuss them over Zoom. We would all love it to work, but I just don’t think there is a good probability of fair debate.

    While the members would be able to vote on rule changes over Zoom using a poll, this would not work for voting in the executive. These votes have to be anonymous and cross-checked with the members-in-good-standing list. There is software that can do this but it costs both time and money. The logistics of setting up preliminaries and ballots would be a nightmare. In addition, the potential candidates would have to pre-submit their intentions and speeches online.( And you were thinking this is a lot of reading!) That doesn’t include the potential technological glitches.

    Finally, we are all in the same boat. Since this pandemic isn’t affecting the EMRA singularly, postponing the AGM is not going to “put us behind the 8 ball”. Therefore, I suggest waiting until we can gather together to discuss the future of this club is the prudent thing to do.
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    Calvin O
    Great idea Trish. :cool:
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    Totally agree Tricia. Any group gathering in any facility is in direct contravention of the current Provincial COVID directives. Sure, people can be distanced, wear masks and sanitize, but that does not over-rule the current regulations. It is not prudent or smart to have a meeting at this time. However, I don't see much in the way of reply from the exec or even the membership for that matter. I mean, only two of us respond to what is a very well thought out and timely request. As much as I would like to be there and take an active part, I simply cannot justify the possible consequences.
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    I think its a great idea Tricia, and covers the challenges we face without adapting to a zoom meeting & voting process. While we've been looking into it, I agree it's likely best to postpone. I'm consulting with the rest of the exec on the decision.
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    Hey guys, you might want to chat with WMRC. They just did their AGM/voting over Zoom and apparently it was a great success. Obviously they had a bit of leg work prior to the meeting but it was very achievable.
    I am sure they would be happy to assist you guys in getting it all figured.
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    Shane C Fraser
    Either way a decision needs to be made on this asap
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    Rodrigo Naranjo
    hey folks,

    I had a look at the WMRC meeting minutes. Although their meeting was a success, they addressed only EXEC voting and presented the clubs financials.

    In the spirit of our clubs AGM, where we discuss rule changes etc, this might not work for us and would be difficult to do on the fly. I know the EXEC is trying their best to make the AGM work in whatever format is best for the club, both with respect to near and short term goals.

    This is a very unique time we are all dealing with, and we are all trying our best, club members and EXEC alike. We are a kickass group of folks and the best club around... we will find not only "a way" but the best way!!


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