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    Registration for the round 5 & 6 double header is now open! Being a double header weekend, there are some changes in procedure, please read through all the notes below before registering.

    Registration closes August 30th at 10PM, rounds 5 & 6 are ONLINE REGISTRATION ONLY! There will be no late registrations accepted at the track, no exceptions.

    This means you have 4 whole weeks to register, with no penalty for cancellations if you can't make it. Payments will not be processed until August 31st.

    Last round over 50% of the registrations came in within the last 48 hours before the cut off - makes for a busy few days for the registration crew if any changes need to be made. Be kind to the volunteers working behind the scenes and register early!


    If you have not yet renewed your membership and race license for 2017, you can do so here:

    This must be completed before you try to register, otherwise you will get an error and will be sent back to the membership / race license page.

    If you have already renewed your membership and race license, you can proceed to registration for the event:

    You will have the option to enter either day, or both days, if you are entering both - make sure to do so now as you will not have the opportunity to add registration for the second day later.

    It is very important that you make sure you select the correct classes, and make sure you have your current transponder number associated with your bike for your entries, NO class changes will be allowed after registration closes on August 30th.
    If you are not sure what classes your bike is eligible for, you can check the rule book here:

    For Novice racers who will be completing their 3rd and 4th races on the Saturday and want to enter Intermediate classes for Sunday, you must email BEFORE you register so we can make the license change to allow you to register for the classes. If you crashed in the previous round during the Novice races, you will not be eligible to enter Intermediate classes for round 6.

    Please note, qualifying will only be running on Saturday morning for the single practice rotation, and during the Castrol Raceway Track Attack on Friday September 1st. Registration for the Track Attack is ONLY through Castrol Raceway's website:

    Choose "Participant-Expert (Must possess Race License)" if you are a racer, the Novice and Intermediate groups are for street riders. Group splits based on lap time will be announced at the riders meeting. Registration and check in for the track day will be in the Atco trailer next to corner 1.

    If you have both completed your registration and paid online, you will be checked in automatically and will only need to see tech inspection at the track. Only those paying at the track or renting transponders will need to check in to registration under the Argyll Motorsports tent.

    For all those paying by credit card, payments will be processed on Thursday August 31st.
    If you need to pay by cash or cheque at the track, you can use the discount code "CASHCHEQUEPAYMENT" in order to pre-register, and you can complete your payment at the registration desk.

    If you have any questions, feel free to email
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    Shane C Fraser
    Please note that payment at the track must be made prior to being allowed on track!!! Let's get this done nice and early before riders meeting as our exec members in charge of registration would like to ride as well!!!

    Thank you.
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    Also if anyone wants to buy a picture plaque for their podium finishes all year, there is a button to allow you to pay the $20 for your plaques online so you don't have to send me money.
    If you have any other questions please give me a call,

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