X2 Lap Timer on non race days

Discussion in 'Open Forum' started by Ducbert, Aug 7, 2019.

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    Norbert aka "Jaju"
    Is there a reason why we can't use these on Track Attack days?

    According to X2 Mylaps, the track has to turn that capability on and we could use them.

    The response I got from X2/Mylaps:

    The transponder can only be used on NON RACE DAYS if the track has the system enabled for Practice Days and has the system tied to the internet.

    Ask your track to have the timing system turned on and you will be able to see your lap times on the Speedhive app for free. If the track needs help to turn that on, they can contact us to get set up.

    John Dains
    Technical Support
    MYLAPS Sports Timing[​IMG]
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    Steve O'Brien
    We do not run timing on Track Attack Days.

    They are intentionally "untimed events" for insurance reasons.
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    Jeff sanderson
    On top of what Steve mentioned, its not as simple as just "turning it on". It requires hours of setup, and someone to monitor it during use. This is the reason there are a dozen GPS based bike mounted lap timers. Some people even use the IR style, there is a cutout near the start/finish line to place a transmitter if you desire, as they are much less expensive.

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