2016 AGM Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the 2016 EMRA Annual General Meeting

2016 AGM Meeting Minutes

2016 EMRA Annual General Meeting

Presidential Summary

  • Switching to a new system- MotorSportReg. Membership renewal and registration are all done online, waiver signing online. Also a new Timing system - Mylaps Orbits (Racehero app – live timing, stats and results). Potential for new features like push alerts for things like gridding changes, schedule changes. Less paperwork and better user experience anticipated.
  • Club has purchased the 27 transponders we were loaning from CSBK, will now have a guaranteed rental pool.
  • Bike show is booked, January 13-15. We need to work shifts. A call for volunteers will be put out soon. Volunteers will get free admission to the motorcycle show.
  • 2017 Racing schedule

Race school May 12-13, Round 1 May 27-28, Round 2 June 23-24, Round 3 June 25, Round 4 July 29-30, Round 5 Sept 1-2, Round 6 Sept 3 rd.

o Additional day August 13 th for second race school or single day race round. Majority voted in favor of the idea of a seventh round. This will be taken into consideration with the executive when looking at the all aspects of adding this round. To be reviewed at the next exec meeting.

  • David working on new website that is mobile friendly.

Vice President Summary

  • Meetings with Castrol - improvements at the track

Corner 1 – The plan is for the wall will be moved back to the accessory road, drainage must be modified first. Car club wants paved runoff, date to be completed was vague. Castrol has to look at the cost of paving and gravel. All changes must be approved by the track designer. We then need to help organize labor.

  • Better washrooms will be available this season.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Strong year for the club – the results are there! Please look at Todd’s attachments for details.
  • Accounting books review – will be done by Steve O’Brien and Lorna Stelmack. They will be in touch with Todd.

See attached Treasurer's Report

Rule changes

  1. Combine intermediate and expert to just middleweight twins – majority voted yes
  2. Proposal to remove waved start to single start in all races that are now waved – Majority voted to keep it the same.
  3. Superpole rule – used for last 15 minute session in practice. Times from this will determine position. Last session will be only for top 10 based on time for qualifying. Majority voted no.
  4. No intermediate classification - just novice and expert. Majority voted no.
  5. Run a few races at the end of practice day. President argued – we are always short volunteers on
    Saturdays, not possible on double headers, less time to qualify, new registration system. We cannot do this at this time. Rule change withdrawn.
  6. Formula 112 – cut off should be set once at the start of the year – rather than round per round. Majority voted for yes.
  7. If you are ever disqualified for Formula 112 you are disqualified for the rest of the season. Majority voted yes.
  8. Helmet rules – current rule states helmet has to be Snell M2015. New rules proposal is that the helmet must be less than 5 years old to the month, from the date of manufacture and have any one of the current standards of Snell or equivalent. Majority voted yes.
  9. Schedule proposal – vote for popularity only, recommendations will be taken into consideration– combine 600 superbike grid – majority in agreement
  10. Intermediate superbike to 12 laps, extend 600 superbike to 9 laps – No majority, group is split.
  11. Race license – change wording in rule book – all competitors must have a roadracing license from…[etc] Majority in favor of adding [road]racing.
  12. Race license would be $160 you get the $100 back if you volunteer for track volunteer race options. Majority not in favor. Exec will look into ways to get the volunteer situation to become more even. Item tabled for further review.
  13. 2017 Executive

  • Executive directors to go from 9 to 7. Dave Kendal proposed, Jon Bullee seconded.
  • Chief Registar position created
  • President – Dave Kendal nominated and accepted.
  • Vice president – Jon Bullee nominated and accepted.
  • Treasurer – Christina Mitchell nominated and accepted. Created an Officer position (Assistant Treasurer) so Todd is able to assist with the transition. Signing authority will need to be transferred to Chrissy Mitchell.
  • Secretary – Tricia Reese nominated and accepted.
  • Chief Registar – Brian Lam nominated and accepted
  • General director positions – 6 positions:

    Brian Worsdall
    Dana Draper
    Allan Millican
    Shane Fraser
    Joshua Carlos Almeida
    Owen Baba

Next executive meeting: January 10th, 7:00 pm at Dave's office.