Meeting Minutes April 2018

April 23, 2018 Executive Meeting

Meeting Minutes April 2018

EMRA Executive Meeting
April 23 2018 - Brian's Office
Start time 7 pm


Jon Bullee
Tricia Reese
Lorna Stelmack
Brian Lam
Brian Worsdall
Eric Russnak
Graham Lynch
Jordan Oliver
Neil Carlson
Owen Baba
Shane Fraser


  1. Call to order

  2. Additions or amendments to agenda

  3. Last meeting tasks

    1. Neil talked to cycle worx
      -Done, Each cycle works is independent therefore it is up to the owner. Not likely.

    2. Owen find out about food handling 
      Will be done 2 weeks before the first round.

    3. Owen find out more for fundraisers besides casino
      -Still in progress.

    4. Race school spreadsheet for all future seasons?   
      -MSR tracks it. Anything 2017 and up is up there. Trish will get pre 2017 and send to Brian - Done

  4. Lorna’s laptop- switch sage over to chrissy’s old one?
    -Graham will take home and clean ASAP (done). Lorna will get in touch with sage so we can switch sage over. Makes it a single financial laptop.

  5. Sponsorships
    Advertise the sponsors for each round more efficiently
    -Changed website to rotate the sponsor banners.
    -Owen will send new logo. So far so good.
    -Brian will post more on forums.
    -Riders meetings also a spot for sponsorship acknowledgement
    Open houses for sponsors dates May 11-13

  6. Public Relations

    -EMRA banquet thoughts.  Owen will have package presented for us next meeting - Next meeting (Casino dependant)
    -Argyll May 5th open house   Show up for exposure. Riverside on may 5th also
    -Insurance for minors. Good news on Youth. they are allowed to race with our club with a restricted license. Keeping the rules for restricted license the same. All in favor
    -Put up a post for airfence before the rounds. Will be done.
  7. Logistics

    -EMRA sign out sheet for keys  Owen has one at home. He will keep track via a sheet.
  8. Race school.
    -Owen jordan on gate and crash truck.
    -Tower is brian L and trish.
    -Neil and Graham are instructors
    -Eric will be a floater

  9.  Final thoughts
    -before beginning this season we will buy a lock box for the track truck keys.
    -143 people on the volunteer list.
    -Added a race school question about race tech.
    -Leave bbq at track

    Future meeting notes
    -Review exec duties after round 1
    -Annual gate pass/ membership
    -Address where we are falling short after round 1
    -Let people know how much the sponsors help them during riders meetings
    -Get banquet before june
    -Volunteer sign up sheet for air fence and deposits.

    Next meeting May 22nd