Meeting Minutes 2017 AGM

2017 EMRA Annual General Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes 2017 AGM


Date: December 02, 2017 @ 5:00PM

Location: Edmonton Police Services Southeast Division

Item Discussion
Financial Statement highest registration in the club’s history with a 68.3% increase in paid registrations
Book Review Scott Manley and Luke Drapeau have volunteered
Club Credit Cards members to agree that the club should look into having 3 club credit cards for purchase
Unanimous Vote 
Club Bank members to agree that the 2018 exec should look into other banking institutions
Unanimous Vote
Rule Changes  
Fast 25 Fast 25 rider cut off should be open to any riders, so the fastest 25 riders that enter the class are allowed in it
Majority Vote for 2018 exec to review and promote the class
Transponders Transponder to be made part of tech. All motorcycles must carry a functioning transponder at all times while on the track, including practice. Failure to do so WILL result in being pulled from the track, loss of grid position, or disqualification at the discretion of race officials.
Transponder functionality is the responsibility of the rider. If it fails to ping, you don't get a finish unless:
1) the person in front of you AND behind you can verify your position - all 3 must be present at the time of the protest, OR
2) it can be verified by a worker(Exec or volunteer) in the tower. Protests MUST be made within 20 minutes of the posted results in the tent.
Uninamous Vote
Qualifying All classes, except novice, to use qualifying times for gridding.
Majority voted opposed, no rule change
Tech Infractions Tech infractions found after the fact should have a penalty (disqualification, positions, fine etc to be decided by next exec).
Majority voted for. Penalty to be discussed by 2018 Executive
Intermediate SBK #1 Plate Red number plate white number 1 to be reserved for Intermediate Superbike champion.
Majority vote opposed, no rule change.
Sealed Belly Pan Requirements An oil retaining, “sealed” lower fairing to be made mandatory (Where commercially available). Removable rain drainage plug is optional. Aftermarket, OEM-style bodywork and custom fairing mounts may be used.
Fairings must be securely mounted in at least three locations.
Majority voted for
Mandatory Race Fairings All bikes to run "race fairings," where commercially available.
Majority voted for
Instructors on Track Should instructors be allowed on track during qualifying/practice. 
Majority vote opposed
OTP Instructor Exception for Bodywork OTP coaches be allowed to run OEM body work while coaching. Voting rule change to: Should OTP be allowed to instruct on ERMA practice/qualifying days.
Majority voted against, no rule change and nullifies the original proposal.
Track Entry Cutting the entrance to the track will results in a penalty decided by next exec.
Majority voted for, penalty will be discussed by the 2018 executive.
Additional Refundable Race License Fee Race license fee will require additional refundable deposit. Deposit will be refunded after rider volunteers for 1 air fence clean up or other EMRA volunteer activities.
Majority voted for. Ruling will be implemented, fee to be discussed by EMRA Executive
Expert Promotions Set times and guidelines for expert promotion, has valid experience, limited number of crashes, rider shows good character. The Exec will have final say on all promotions.
Majority voted for - putting this into the rulebook for clarification.
Riders Returning from Hiatus Returning riders who have taken more than 2 years off racing must strictly follow licensing guidelines set out in rule book, time off will be the only factor in what is required as per current rules. Struck.
Executive Positions Executives missing 2 meetings will have position on executive reviewed. If director is removed/resigns the candidate with the next highest number fo votes from the AGM  will be given the oppurtunity to replace them.
Majority voted for. Will be implemented.
Practice/Qualifying Session Length Practice session be made 20 minutes instead of 12.
Majority vote opposed
Team Championship Teams The winning team of the Team Championship Series is not permitted to run the same team the following year.
Majority voted against.
Ducati 848 to be Added to 600 classes Ducati 848 be allowed in 600 Supersport and 600 Superbike.
Majority voted for. Will be added to the rulebook.
Class Re-Structuring Eliminate Intermediate class and have only Expert and Novice classes. Majority voted against.
Race Fees for Retired EMRA Presidents Race fees to be comped for retired EMRA presidents that have run 2 or more years concurrently.  The number of years in service will be equal to the number of years granted to the retired member after retirement.
Majority voted for.


President: Jon Bullee
Vice President: Tricia Reese
Secretary: Jordan Oliver
Treasurer: Lorna Stelmack
Registrar: Brian Lam
Brian Worsdall
Eric Russnak
Graham Lynch
Neil Carlson
Owen El Baba
Shane Fraser

Scott Manley



May 12 - Race School
Round 1 June 2-3
Test and tune June 15-16
Round 2-3 July 13-14-15
Round 4 August 4-5
Round 5 - 6 August 31 Sept 1-2

Next meeting: December 19, 2017 @ 7:00pm