Meeting Minutes August 2018

Meeting Minutes August 2018

Aug 23, 2018 EMRA Meeting
Location: Brian W's Office
Meeting called to order at: 7:00

Jon Bullee


Lorna Stelmack


Owen Baba


Tricia Reese


Shane Fraser


Neil Carlson


Brian Lam


Graham Lynch


Eric Russnak


Jordan Oliver


Brian Worsdall






  1. Last meeting tasks

    • Banquet update - Waiting for them to respond, lorna has left voicemails for the deposit. They aren’t getting back to us. Kdays was holding them up we presume. We have sent the request for premium alcohol waiting for that also. 40 dollars for person plus gratuity. Owen negotiated to get the bartenders for free if we spend 500 per host on liquor sales. 3000 dollar deposit. Screens and PA system is included. Need a projector. Set up starts at 3pm. We find out the beer list 2 weeks before. Free parking for our event. Unsure about booze still. Full buffet. Anyone who is working (MCs ect.. ) gets their ticket for free. We are charging 45 dollars a ticket

    • Fire extinguisher is recharged - eric took them in waiting to get the call they are ready. He will send lorna the invoice

  2. Round 4 summary

    • Round 4 thoughts -

      • Crash protocol- racers are coming in immediately but bikes can stay out in the field. As soon as the crash truck is moving off track we can blow the 2 minutes. Talk about crash truck protocol for next season. Trisha will talk to scott about ideas?

      • Rider incident- Discussed by Exec

  3. Public Relations

    • Championship points- accidentally uploaded the supersport with the superbikes. Will be changed by neil.

    • Awards - Brian has some ideas. He will talk to the guys at vortex. Lorna will bring brian a cup.

  4. Logistics

    • Lowering race school price? Race school price remains the same, membership and race school fees to be seperated for ease of tracking.

    • Every Exec has a key- owen will bring more keys

    • Final round preparation

      • Champagne - Jordan will check on the price for a case. Cheap and sprayable

      • Parade laps- have a few flags at a point

      • Podium painted? - we need a new box painted. Shane said he will attempt

      • Reskin airfence blocks- will be done upon setup.

      • Camera at the start line - Ian is on it. Needs to watch the start light


Next meeting - Sept 13th 7pm