Meeting Minutes December 19 2017

Meeting Minutes December 19 2017

Meeting Minutes December 19 2017

EMRA Executive Meeting

December 19 2017 - Brian's Office

Start time 7 pm


Jon Bullee
Tricia Reese
Lorna Stelmack
Brian Lam
Brian Worsdall
Eric Russnak
Graham Lynch
Jordan Oliver
Neil Carlson
Owen Baba
Shane Fraser

Executive duties assigned for the year

Bike shows - assigned duties, general layout
Calgary 5th-7th
Edmonton 12th - 14th

Rulebook & bylaws
Both to be updated by BL and TR.

Friday evening track attacks - Dates are set according to the Track Attack Poster
June 2
June 15
July 13
August 3
August 31

Banking/ signing authority
Lorna Stelmack, Jon Bulle, Tricia Reese to be added.
David Kendall and Chrissy Mitchell need to be removed.
Addresses for executive will be provided at the bank.
LS will arrange meeting for change of authority.

Financial Software - LS will buy software for $300 to set up the financial duties for easier handoff in the future.  Unanimous Decision

Expenses procedure:
LS to receive hard receipts
SIngle spreadsheet for expenses for exec to access
Expense cheques paid per round to the exec

Race License Deposits
Additional refundable deposit to be paid upon purchase of Race Licenses (Majority vote at the AGM).  This is to promote more helping hands for track set up and tear down.
Exec to vote on deposit amount - $50 - Majority Vote

Process: OB, ER, SF  can sign off on volunteers that have completed their volunteer task. List is submitted at the end of each round to BL. 
Racer that volunteer will be given a $50 credit for the next race round. 
Volunteers must sign up beforehand to avoid too many volunteers at a single event.

Race Fees
The club has done really well in the past 3 years and so we are giving back to racers. We will be discounting the initial race by $10.00. Unanimous Decision.

Race school
We will have to set up airfence for the first time and replace damaged covers on airfence with new covers.
All exec must be available for the track or the classroom.

Air fence 
Ordering - One cover has been ordered. It needs to be test fitted prior to ordering additional units.
Fitting -OB will place order for additional units to replace damaged units in time for race school.
Must be done by the end of January. 

No blocks were destroyed but 7 were damaged
$900 for covers
$1900 for complete block.
Order 6 covers and 4 blocks. Unanimous Decision.

Oil Kings Opportunity
Available dates are March 2,4,11, or 17th.  Minimum order of 100 tickets.
Club does not profit on the tickets, but we get exposure on Rogers Place paviliion.
We will have access to e-tickets this year for easy distribution.
March 4th date is the best date for exposure.
TR will contact the Oil Kings to secure.

 Argyll tent - will it be back again next year?
TR will confirm if it Argyll will be donating it again. If not, we will have to look into renting the classroom every round to take it's place.

Next Meeting: February 6, 2018