Meeting Minutes October 2016

EMRA Executive Meeting October 2016

Meeting Minutes October 2016

Minutes: EMRA Executive Meeting

Location: McCoy Corp 9618 42 Ave

1. Call to Order @ 7:00PM October 5, 2016

2. Executive Roll Call (A:Absent/P:Present/L:Late/C:Conference Call)

Dave Kendal - P
Dana Draper - P
Wilson Kwan - P
Jon Bullee - P
Shane Fraser - P
Brian Worsdall - P
Todd Yakimoski - A
Scott Paras - P
Aleks Vuckovic - P
Tricia Reese - A
Owen Baba - P
Chrissy Mitchell - P
James Melanson - A

Banquet - Banquet sold 82 tickets, with all the volunteers (22) we're at 104. Capacity is 130, so we should be good. Dave tested for video, all is good. Wilson needs to check podium and mic. Wilson please confirm by this weekend, or we need to bring ours. Setup at 4:30, drinks start at 5:30. Setup will need about half of us to help. (Around here 4:00)

Worsdall has trophies under control. They actually come is $1 cheaper than last year. Team trophies are good. Only cost the club $120. Allan Millican won the blue plate. Might need to clarify the rules for the blue plate. Superbike trophy is expensive, but sounds super cool but first cost will be expenses. Todd implied that the funds are good to purchase the new trophy.

Vote for the nice guys awards. Brian Lam, (spirt) Mike Cormier, (Persilski) and Derek Grant/Jon Fraser (Leo)

Wet races. We need to document (paint dots) Bullee to organize the layout. Castrol may or may not fix it.

Need to figure out a date to remove the stuff from the timing trailer, to the new trailer and remove stuff out of the Argyll trailer. Tentative date will be Oct.22. No locks purchased yet for the new trailer. We could look into getting new locks that are all keyed alike. (Scott to look into. Need 5 padlocks)

Logo, first draft is not at all what we are looking for. Trish and Bullee to keep working with them.

Dave K is looking into building a new website. Main reason is our site sucks on phones. Hosting is now done through Go-Daddy for $150CDN vs the $250US beforehand.

Finances, Todd hasn't finished round 7 but we should be well clear throughout the year.

Turn one. Jon is going to talk to Castrol about the safety aspect. See if we can convince them to move the actual wall. EMRA would probably need to put forward about 5K to assist. Jon has sent a email to Kim, and a meeting needs to happen with The EMRA and Castrol.

Motion from Jon; to assist Castrol with a budget of 5K to help move corner one. Wilson seconded, all but one is in favor.

Promotions to expert. Glen G, Allan M, Lee D, Cam W, Robert Hayes, Nick S, Tosh G. 7-8 riders has been the main target to promote every year.

Dave has issues Exec positions. Todd's not going to come back to the exec. Chrissy says she is willing to be mentored to fulfill his spot. Dave would also like to elect spots to certain aspects of their roles. Examples, president, vise pres, secretary, airfence setup, treasure, registration, track day organizer, volunteer consultant, etc. More discussion after AGM.

Next meeting at the AGM.