Meeting Minutes February 2017

February Exec Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes February 2017

EMRA Executive Meeting

Feb 15, 2017 McCoy Building


Dave Kendal
Joshua Almeida
Jon Bullee
Brian Worsdall
Chrissy MitchellX
Brian Lam
Tricia Reese
Allan Millican
Owen Baba
Shane Fraser
Dana Draper

President’s report

Race school update – 2 people on wait list. We need to book the classroom with Kim. Working on the curriculum and powerpoint.

-review the written test

- review curriculum

Logo update – thanks Scott for facilitating the logo contest!

VP Report – Jon is worried about money, we need to have approval before we can spend anymore money. For example, we can’t replace the banners right now until we know how our year is looking. We should hold back on ordering new swag as well.

Jon got enough wood to do both the small trailer false floor.

Treasurer report -

-update on bank balance 135388.33 - track rental cheque has not come out yet. We have roughly 100,000.

- update on airfence fund $10,054.51 A deposit of $5,025.00 is needed. There is $6600 in airfence fund. We will have to pull out 3351.54 from our account. We have 100% airfence now and we just need to buy maintenance from now on.

Motion to give a deposit to Norseman for the airfence. All in agreement.

MotoGP Fundraiser – Season opener March 26th. Provincial on Sunday 11 am. Not as many prize draws and see what we get for revenue.

Race lap counts – Still combining intermediate/expert 600. Leave this at 9 laps – all in favor. Expert Superbike race 12 laps – 1 not in favor.

Intermediate Superbike 10 laps – 2 not in favor.

Oil Kings ticket sales – sell tickets!! Oil Kings booth set up – Owen, Jon, Trish will set up. Laptop for video

Trish will do up more of the EMRA volunteer business cards

Airfence blocks purchase – 5 air fence is coming. Owen says 6 weeks from when they get the deposit they can be ready. He can carry 3 in his trailer. We will have to look at getting this up at a later date.

Trailer search – finding a trailer is hard, building a trailer is easier. 20 ft - $1800 (+ deck)– 1 axle. Owen will look into this.

August 13th date – co-ordinate with Hardnox. Jon is in conversation with them, still quite a bit of time to think about it. Tough day to set up because there is drifting that night. Bit of a late night to set up the air fence.

January action plans

Person Responsible

Action List


Set up meeting with Kim to clarify rental agreement.


Look into videographer

How much is in the air fence fund


Contact SWS trailers about a possible donation

February action plans

Person Responsible

Action List


Cancel credit card trackintel


Invoices for hockey tickets

Scott the call to get the bikes into the pits must come faster. We can’t have people waiting for so long.

Race registration – have we registered?

Next Meeting March 21 7:00 pm