Meeting Minutes January 2018

Meeting minutes for EMRA Executive Meeting - January 2018

Meeting Minutes January 2018

EMRA Executive Meeting
January 29 2018 - Brian's Office
Start time 7 pm


Jon Bullee
Tricia Reese
Lorna Stelmack
Brian Lam
Brian Worsdall
Eric Russnak
Graham Lynch
Jordan Oliver
Neil Carlson
Owen Baba
Shane Fraser

Public relations

  1. Bike show summaries: The bike show went extremely well at both the Edmonton and Calgary locations. Race school sign up a success. Leaning bike stand a hit.
  2. Castrol at the Edmonton Car Show: Confirm with Castrol about further details.
  3. Partnering with the cops for the K-Days Parade: We are able to legally ride race bikes during parade, talk closer to date. Easy exposure.
  4. Extra speakers in the stands: Rather than spend money needlessly, attempt different speaker configuration to maximize the sound coverage for the stands.  To be tested at Race School
  5. Live blogging/video for races: Live bloggers coming out to round one to check it out.
  6. Round sponsorship: Brian is going to talk to sponsors with the new race schedule. Revisit the sponsor packages. Look outside our niche. Revisit at later date.
  7. Airfence fundraiser: Oil kings game fundraisers cancelled - Oil Kings did not respond in time. Look into eskimo games a possiblity.-MotoGP fundraiser duties: Tricia will find some door prizes such as EMRA Merch. Give out a membership as a door prize provided we can work out the kinks.
  8. Annual gate pass with a possible discount: Need a way of tracking to minimize people sneaking in. Purchases after round one get prorated price for annual gate pass fees. VIP Pass for members paying all 3 values(Memberships, Race License & Gate fee). And cardstock for others that want an EMRA membership card. Brian to check the pricing.

BrianL and Trish working on revising the wording.  very outdated.

Rule book Changes

  1. Cameras mounted on helmets: No cameras or mounts attached on helmets. this nullifies SNELL rating.
  2. Working for Fast 25: Entrance will be restricted to registered riders with a qualifying time faster than the current formula 112 cut off. 
  3. Fast 25: Name change to “Dash for Cash."  Executives to promote this class to intermediates.  
  4. Minors racing with the club: Latest terms and conditions from Insurance  do not allow riders under 14 years of age. Speak to castrol about how they have minors on track. Possible special waiver?

Race School
Race school exam: Jon wishes to add questions about transponders and tech. Exam to be futher updated for 2018 race school.

Ambulance Incident Reports
Going forward we must provide Castrol with copies of the ambulance incident report. Lorna will see to this.

GST receipts for Costco
Costco only donates to charities. Therefore EMRA is ineligible with nonprofit status. Owen will check into it more to verify Costco helping out with BBQ costs.

Executive Shortcomings
Brainstorm ideas of where we are falling short. I.e podium set up Easier to analyze this after round 1.

Sign over to Lorna. Meeting at 5pm on Wednesday Jan 31 2018 to sign over banking information and signing authorities.

Tasks come up during meeting

  1. Brian’s going to talk to person in charge of edmonton eskimos games and look after the sponsorship
  2. Tricia sourcing door prizes
  3. Brian will book venue for moto GP
  4. Brian talk to the printing for the membership cards
  5. Owen talk to Castrol about how minors can race with insurance
  6. Jon will change the exam after trish sends it to him.
  7. Owen find out about food handling
  8. Lorna find out about quickbooks

Next meeting notes

  1. Review exec duties after round 1
  2. Parade with the cops.
  3. Sponsorship structure
  4. Annual gate pass/ membership
  5. Address where we are falling short after round 1

Next Meeting: March 20, 2018