Meeting Minutes July 2018

Meeting Minutes July 2018

July 17, 2018 EMRA Meeting
Location: Brian W's Office
Meeting called to order at: 7:05

Jon Bullee


Lorna Stelmack


Owen Baba


Tricia Reese


Shane Fraser


Neil Carlson


Brian Lam


Graham Lynch


Eric Russnak


Jordan Oliver


Brian Worsdall





  1. Last meeting tasks

    • Owen find out more for fundraiser besides casino - done

    • Lorna get in touch with Sage to make 1 Laptop. - she called sage and just need to put old cd in

    • Fire extinguisher is recharged - eric has them all he will do

  2. Round 2 & 3 summary

    • ​​​​​​​Round 2 thoughts - ask scott about a set plan to set up during the rain.

    • 4 people came and complained about the flags being waved. We need to talk to Scott R, about the flags.

    • Add to volunteer meeting that if you see another corner flag flying red you need to fly one also.​​​​​​​

    • Round 3 - slower executives need to step up more to help the busier executives. weekend could have been run smoother

    • ​​​​​​​Formula 112 class rules - Neil must be here. That race is to graduate people to dash for cash. rules to be revisted at AGM to avoid "sandbagging"

  3. Public Relations

    • Banquet- Northlands Casino/racetrack venue.  Date is October 20th capacity 200(may be an issue ~175 people last year), can set up tables however we want

      • ​​​​​​​To be put on MSR for tickets ASAP

    • Cost to club is approx 40-45$ per head - ticket cost to be discussed next meeting. Would like to break even instead of taking a loss on the event this year.

      • Chefs choice Menu will be decided 2 weeks prior to the date. Free pop, non alcoholic beverages. Bartenders are 30/h . go ahead with contract find out more about alcohol and enhancements. Bring next meeting.

    • Awards - Halfway point 2 weekends left. Keep an eye out for expert promotion and general good spirit awards.

    • Find who has all the trophies so we can get them back and create new name plates.

    • Maybe add more awards? Badluck award? Make a peoples choice award? Nominate someone and then have a poll so people can choose.  Jon has the go ahead mention it at round 4.

    • Final round preparation - Checkered flag laps? #1 plates. Will need help to execute all these small extras throughout the day

    • Get pictures prepared for articles and websites. Jon needs help with this 

    • Champagne on the podium is cool. Maybe keep it to the superbike races. Dress it up.

    • EMRA T-shirts- Dare design, Jon will give neil the design to make.

  4. Logistics

    • Revisit transponder returns - easier method? - Tricia will make the hangers for rear view mirror. Government ids we need to be a little more sensitive with them, find a place to lock up

    • Side impact airfence -  Possible side air fence. Jon will research it. Postpone until winter.

    • Hardnox still has not signed the contract - needs to be signed before the next track day

    • Riders meeting optimization - liability is an issue and we need to say everything. We are not babysitting.

    • Graham piling into another bike because he was distracted - distracted riding in a race. Riders need to be more diligent with their bike prep to avoid this. these issues to be brought up to the rider's reps ASAP

    • Podium rebuild- move podium? Facing the grandstand. Permanent podium will cost us max. 600$ Vote everyone except jon for building. We just need exec to go out and help owen. Owen is in charge. 2 weekends left.

      • Podium banners- wind is killing them. We need a new backdrop.  Brian L will contact jon for banner sizes for the podium

    • Club gas - Buy 3 20L jerry cans and fill before the round for trucks and generators.

NEXT MEETING AUG 23, 2018 @ 7:00pm