Meeting Minutes June 2017

June Exec Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes June 2017

EMRA Executive Meeting

June 27, 2017 Chrissy's Office

Start time 7 pm


Dave Kendal
Joshua AlmeidaX
Jon Bullee
Brian Worsdall
Chrissy Mitchell
Brian Lam
Tricia ReeseX
Allan Millican
Owen Baba
Shane Fraser
Dana Draper

Round 2/3 Review

- Practice starts - people buzzing the tower and stopping all over, need to have a designated area marked by cones, and plastic barriers to direct riders away from the edge of the tower.

- Concerns over cost of practice / qualifying on track day. This is unavoidable due to the price being set by Castrol, and 40 some racers is not enough to pay for a full day rental. Compromise is we will send out a $50 discount code to racers who registered on the weekend and purchased a spot on the Friday track attack that can be used towards future race entry or the August 13th track day.

- Earplugs for volunteers being taken by riders, will be handed out at volunteer meeting instead.

- Issues with cameras falling off bikes, Jon will add to tech bulletin and riders meeting about tethering camera to the bike.

- Trailer keys - Josh needs a key in order to do corner setup and not have to rely on somebody else, Dana will have new keys cut

- Safety issues to address with Castrol - Jon will write up email, areas of concern are poles needing to be cut down flush with the barriers, need an update on turn 1 wall being moved, grass height is a problem for viewing angle to corners. Lower priority, 3rd air fence trailer needs to be moved alongside the other 2.

- Parking is still an issue - map for gate, signs or barriers for parking zones. EMRA needs more spectator parking due to growing club . Owen to discuss with Castrol.

- There have been requests for physical licenses and membership cards, MSR is working on it - supposed to be available within a few months.

- Options for gate fee other than cash? We will add gate fee to MSR registration, so it can be paid online, gate will be provided a list of those who paid for it online.

- Practice groups - group 2 is too large, lap times and numbers to be reviewed and then recommendation will be given for revised group split for round 4.

New Business

- Dan Davidson has submitted a request to allow Grayson Davidson to compete in Formula Thunder, as a rider with a restricted youth license must apply to compete outside Lightweight Open and Lightweight Superbike.
Majority in favour.

- Concerns over helmets where ECE rating is unclear, Jon Bullee to follow up with riders to clarify model and determine rating.

- Oil filters - other clubs in North America have banned K&N filters based on failures which led to fires. Majority vote to ban K&N filters but still allow other aftermarket filters.

- Alberta Primetime (CTV) would like to do a segment with the EMRA encouraging riders to take it to the track, Jon will coordinate on scheduling filming.

- Awards Banquet- Dave will look into booking location, Brian is working on trophy design.

Action Items:

Person ResponsibleAction List
Jon BulleeFollow up on specific helmet models with unclear ratings
Jon BulleePick up cones for tower, sign boards for track attack passing zones
Brian LamSend out discount code for round 3/4 racers that also purchased June 23rd track attack spots
Jon BulleeEmail Castrol regarding safety concerns
Jon BulleeFollow up with CTV PrimeTime
Dana DraperGet new trailer keys cut
Dave KendalLook into booking banquet location
Dave KendalAdd gate fee option to MSR
Brian LamLook into practice times and group split

Meeting adjourned 9:00PM. Next meeting date August 9, 2017.