Meeting Minutes June 2018

Meeting Minutes June 2018

Meeting Minutes June 2018

June 19, 2018 EMRA Meeting

Meeting called to order at: 7:10
Brian's Office

Jon Bullee


Lorna Stelmack


Owen Baba


Tricia Reese


Shane Fraser


Neil Carlson


Brian Lam


Graham Lynch


Eric Russnak


Jordan Oliver


Brian Worsdall




  1. Insurance

    • Presentation was given on coverage. Fairly typical. For more info contact      Mike Wynnyk 780-497-8097 mwynnyk1784@gmail.com
  1. Rob with hardnox contract. 

    • Hardnox feels bullied, safety is subjective, emra is imposing our will upon them. They feel we should be working towards the same goal. If new rules are going to be implemented they should be discussed in the off season. We should be joining together. They would like a more suggestive way rather than telling the terms. They agree to utilize airfence as they see fit if they can add portions. Rewrite clause 7 and re discuss at end of the season on a specific date. It's all principle they do not want to use. They feel like our airfence is actually causing danger. We should have had the conversation. Possibly meet up for the conversation ASAP. We say that we want all pieces used because why have any safety measures not used. July 20th we can help with setup to discuss. He feels we need a backup piece. We are going to order another piece for that redundancy. Tricia will change clause 7 accordingly and send to rob.

    • Rob is disappointed in the rhetoric and verbage used against their safety. We need to not micromanage. He feels they take safety very importantly. He is very firm that we need to not say negative things. “EMRA puts on Safest events” on forum. We will do our best to keep the positivity and good relationship.

  2. Last meeting tasks

    • Owen find out more for fundraisers besides casino

    • Banquet  - everywhere is booked 20th at northlands. 35 dollars a person on october 20th unanimous should break even

    • Lorna get in touch with Sage to make 1 Laptop.-- After round two next meeting

  3. Round 1/Test and Tune thoughts

    • Exec being unable to ride- We need to actually adhere to our deadlines ie. tech. Setup ian will takeover timing trailer. Qualifying is not on sunday. Too time consuming. Belly pans 100% off for tech.

    • Exec duties review- postponed podium setup

    • Oil incident- dealt with. We need more floor dry- owen has got it

    • Photographers (incl. Anett) - can fly a drone in restricted place. Just needs to review certifications/ hopefully by the last round. We must have a conversation at a later time. Photographers crossed the track at an unsafe time. We need lime green vests and them to be checking with corners. Women's race in a non waved start

    • Friday qualifying/volunteers- tricia is having trouble for the double headers on friday day time - we need to help her friday from 8-4 is a voucher speak to racers

    • Late fee thoughts- 50 bucks keep how it is

    • Oxtoby incident - put in a formal complaint about being taken out in practice, any consequences or penalties. Tj has no prior complaints, we talked to him about it. Formal warning will be given and any further incidents will result in suspended race licence, Shane will do a formal email to send to him.

    • Bikes registered that are not legal for lightweight open. - disqualified and not safe to be put in the same class.

  4. Public Relations

    • EMRA banquet thoughts.-  done

    • July 23rd Track attack fundraiser (call it another test and tune) - advertising before round. Keep it what it is.

    • Cops parade- still interested on hold until details are present

  1. Logistics

    • Parking (incl. reserved) - lots of vehicles in wrong area, reinforce that we cannot park in drag area, spectators park in big parking lot print up a parking map - tricia will do. If they do not put out cones we will. Reserve the front of each row for an exec member, to start each row.  Shane talk to svetos

    • Track day flag procedure- red flag procedure exit track on the red flag.  Racers- its much faster to just get everyone off.  If they don't follow riders meeting they do not ride anymore.

    • Registration table - done

    • Revisit transponder returns - easier method? Revisit next meeting

    • Timing tower - set up and equipment - blam leaving printer and router in there.

    • Tech bulletin distribution/registration page layout-- Belly pan 100% off added to tech bulliten reiterate that you can cancel if you register no one reads registration page. Revamp it to make people read it. Make it shorter and sweeter

    • Gng parade lap- round 2 after super bike girls and gears will do a parade lap, groms and gags wants in also. Going to ask for airfence donations for it. Tricia has under control

    • Hardnox contract - done

    • Rulebook class review - agm topic

    • Fuel for truck and generators - eric submit to lorna receipt.

    • Timing Generator - oil levels/change 10w 40  eric will bring oil

    • Damaged corner tents thoughts- 7 tents including broken units. We need 5. Eric will look if time is found. We still have enough.

    • Crash truck drip tray - carpet with the membrane to absorb it

    • Fire extinguishers recharged - eric will do

    • Shelves in the arifence trailer- we are going to buy some very cheap ones

    • Drivers side rear tire has a screw. - we can plug it fairly easy

next meeting: July 17, 2018 at 7pm