Meeting Minutes June 28 2016

EMRA Executive Meeting June 28 2016

Meeting Minutes June 28 2016

Minutes: EMRA Executive Meeting

Location: McCoy Corp 9618 42 Ave

Call to Order @ 7:00 o June 28, 2016

Executive Roll Call (A:Absent/P:Present/L:Late/C:Conference Call)

Dave Kendal P
Dana Draper P
Wilson Kwan A
Jon Bullee P
Shane Fraser P
Brian Worsdall P
Todd Yakimoski A
Scott Paras P
Aleks Vuckovic P
Tricia Reese P
Owen Baba P
Chrissy Mitchell P
James Melanson A

1. Round 2 review – not being muddy helped a lot. Honda Extreme trailer is not that easy to use, it would be better to just use it with a ramp.

Registration was down but went well, especially the Friday night, we will continue to do this.

Ambulance ran well, crash trucks ran well.

Tech will run until 8 pm not 9 pm.

Castrol is aware of the safety issues and is considering the restructure of turn 1.

2. Discuss rider checkouts for OTP students (see email from Justin Knapik)

Good morning Dave and Jon. As discussed with Dave, I wanted to have the executive take another look at the rider checkout for OTP students. I would like to list some points of interest, followed by a proposed change to the way the EMRA does checkouts for OTP students.

The EMRA currently does rider checkouts for all outside race licensing schools that do not provide race licenses for other sanctioning bodies (such as the WMRC, Utah SBA, etc) Currently OTP is the only school that the EMRA has had to do this for to my knowledge. It is important that the EMRA retains that ability to decide if a outside agency has a appropriate school curriculum and retains the ability to issue the licence for said agency. I do not want to see this changed in any way whatsoever.

The EMRA currently has a rider get checked out by a EMRA exec, after they have taken a race licensing school. this is done during a additional day after a OTP school. This requires time and personel. OTP is compromised of a group of riders whom are former OTP students, and are leaders in the community. Many of them happen to sit on the Executive as leaders of the community.

My proposal is this: I would like to give the students the ability during the Race licensing school to be assessed by a executive member (if there is one present) during the day of the class. If the rider checkout is done by a executive member, the club still retains the ability to oversee licensing. It then requires less track time and manpower on our already busy track days and race days. And lastly is streamlines the licensing process making it more clear to the students.

As any of my OTP instructors can attest, I do not allow riders who are not ready to race to attain race licenses. Safety is my very first concern, and I discuss "problem riders" with my instructors because I trust their judgment implicitly. This proposal is to just make allowances to increase the efficency and time for these instructors.

Thank you for your time

Motion: OTP will become an endorsed and accredited school, no checkouts are required. Vote 9 in favor.

3. Cut off for registration Saturday end of practice? Grids are really hard to make and check on Sunday morning. If registration was cut off Saturday the negative is that you don’t get to qualify if you only come on Sunday. We will look into this at the AGM. For now we will continue as is.

4. Headlight removal wording in the rule book - If the headlight is not glass then they just have to have vinyl over it. Note that we must clarify this for the rule book. Tech must enforce that the bulbs are removed and the plastic is covered with vinyl or substantial tape - not painters tape

5. Review setup / tear down duties for exec - Review of who is doing what. A reminder that EMRA tear down has to be done by everyone. Brian will get a sunshade for the tower. He wants to spend approx. $200.00

6. Airfence: See Appendix for specifics on airfence condition. Friday we went through it and it is in better shape than previously thought. 1 piece with a tear in it. All the best pieces are going to be in turn 1. It is safer than it has ever been. We have 3 pieces that are on the way. We will be dropping off a cheque for them in their Edmonton office.

Airfence buckles are a weak design so we are going to look at a different buckle design. We can make our own repair kits. Owen will find a supplier for flat rope. We are going to manufacture our own buckle and strap system.

Owen and Aleks will make sure that everyone knows how to move the air fence.

We really need another flatbed trailer to haul, it is taking a lot of time to get it out in the corners.

Owen will go to auction to find an enclosed trailer for airfence. Also looking into a flat deck. $1000 for a trailer, if anyone finds a deal send out a quick email.

Scott R requests and bringing back the ROC

- 6 brooms

- Several safety vests (10 more would be ideal, 4 lime green and 6 orange) Lime green for photographers

- All of the current fire extinguishers we have to be inspected and several of them to be re-charged. In the meantime, for round 3, I will ensure that I bring back the 4-6 20 pound extinguishers again so we should be good for round 3, but I will separate the EMRA 10 pounders so they can be taken in for service.

What would be nice to have:

- 2 white boards and more dry erase markers or something to display bike numbers on for black flags.

One for tower and one for turn 9.

- additional black flag at T9

- 6 - 8 ratchet straps for bike recovery

Having two "Gators" greatly helps with bike recovery and volunteer pickup. I know it won't always happen but it was a huge help with efficiency. Then we can use the existing el-cheapo cam-action straps kicking around for backups to hold down the corner worker tents

Notes on Scott R. – Chrissy will look into the price of brooms, vests.

Fire extinguishers – Shane will look into getting them serviced.

Scott – will grab 2 whiteboards and markers. Scott will get extinguishers serviced after round 3

Brian – will get 6-8 rachet straps

ROC – Tricia and Scott would like to bring back the ROC. It would be benefial to have people committed to every race round so we have to spend less time on training for jobs in the tower and at the gate. We need to provide some incentive to do this. The ROC use to get free track time but that has been offered to all volunteers now.

Agreement that we need to have consistency. Agreement that Jordan Oliver will get half night Friday and Saturdays for working the gate.

Treasurer's report

I have looked at the preliminary numbers from Rd 2. I don't have all the expenses in but it looks like we should be on the positive side of the balance sheet. The gate was similar, but the registration income was down about $2,000. The transponder rentals were also down about $500.

Our balance sheet is strong, but I don't see the ability to fund any large capital projects. As you will recall our rental deposit payable around December of each year is over $50,000.

Chequing: $69,642

PayPal: $20,199

PSI Gate: $16,344

Petty Cash: $351

In camera discussion.

Next meeting July 27th 7:00pm

Past Action items

Email registation check list, have it laminated Chrissy, Tricia

Pick up wireless router for Stu Dave

Bring ipad for Stu Owen

Action Items

Action items

Brooms and vests Chrissy

Rachet straps Brian

Research getting extinguisers serviced Shane

White boards and markers Scott

Servicing extinguishers after rd 3 Scott

Pick up black flag for T9 ??

Adjourned 9:34

Appendix 1 Airfence condition

Turn 1 airfence

48, 18, 37, 6, 35, 9, 11, 3, 24, 32, 29, 14, 2, 49, 21, 5, 46, 42, 26, 38, 22, 39, 31,

Plus timing trailer pieces.

Repair pieces:

45- top strap and bottom strap

47- bottom strap

42- top and bottom strap

30- bottom strap and cover

36- all straps

7- all straps

44- bottom strap.

8- bottom clip

25- top strap starting to rip.

43- top strap starting to rip

12- top strap starting to rip

51- top and bottom straps and top buckle

13- top straps

28- top strap and bottom strap top buckle

17- top strap ripping

10- top ripping strap bottom buckle

27- bottom strap top buckle

1- top strap ripping and top buckle

20- top strap

50- top strap bottom buckle bottom strap

11- bottom top strap

4- cover top strap ripping bottom buckle

U block - cover repair.