Meeting Minutes March 2018

Meeting Minutes - Executive meeting March 2018

Meeting Minutes March 2018

EMRA Executive Meeting
March 20 2018 - Brian's Office
Start time 7 pm


Jon Bullee
Tricia Reese
Lorna Stelmack
Brian Lam
Brian Worsdall
Eric Russnak
Graham Lynch  
Jordan Oliver
Neil Carlson
Owen Baba
Shane Fraser


1. Call to order
​​​​​2. Additions or amendments to agenda
3. Sponsorships

Brian’s going to talk to person in charge of edmonton eskimos games and look after the sponsorship 

Turple Bros

(formula 112)



Side Honda


Echo Cycle


Honda extreme

(lightweight Open)

Taylor Racing

(formula thunder)

Race school

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

Round 5

Round 6


SRT performance wants a round, waiting to hear back. Alberta cycle wants in but waiting to get back. Neil will talk to cycle worx owner. All dealerships agreed from 10-15%. Argyll expressed concern about not seeing return. Bike show should thank last years sponsors. Riders meetings let people know how much they save with sponsors. Showcase the dealerships round online. So it doesn't clash with posters 2 weeks out from round. Put a post up about thanking their sponsors.

  1. Fundraiser
    Moto GP  Huge Success, made around $1624 for airfence, and around $1600 in track days. Total cash collected was $3299 before ambulances fee taken off for track days.

  2. Tasks from last meeting

  • Tricia sourcing door prizes done
  • Brian will book venue for Moto GP    done
  • Owen talk to Castrol about how minors can race with insurance Different waiver. Still attempting to get a copy.
  • Jon will change the exam after trish sends it to him.   done
  • Owen find out about food handling   Do 2 weeks before hand. Most Likely done by end of month
  • Lorna find out about quickbooks  280 for quickbooks 550 for the computer.  Sell for 275 to Chrissy all in favor
  1. Public Relations

    1. EMRA banquet thoughts.  Owen looked into casino. Dollar wise it's the best bet but is looking into other options. Min 200 occupancy. Will bring options to next meeting.

    2. Rule book updating  Done

      • Sealed lower fairing   Done

      • Helmet wraps   Done

    3. May 13th EAGR season opener  Changed to the 27th. Would like to have a tent and info. Hawrelak park  Eric and Trish will handle.

    4. Argyll May 5th open house   Show up for exposure. Riverside on may 5th also

    5. Blackjack’s Motorcycle fashion show April 7th   25$ all dealers going. Trish wants to go and answer questions.

    6. Volunteer sign up structure    Eric wants to start a google sheet so we can keep track.

  1. Logistics

    1. EMRA sign out sheet for keys   Next meeting Owen will bring sheet.

    2. Race school spreadsheet for all future seasons?   MSR tracks it. Anything 2017 and up is up there. Trish will get pre 2017 and send to Brian

    3. Expense payouts Done

 Next meeting set  April 25 7pm

Tasks come up during meeting

Future meeting notes

  1. Review exec duties after round 1

  2. Parade with the cops.

  3. Sponsorship structure

  4. Annual gate pass/ membership

  5. Address where we are falling short after round 1