Meeting Minutes May 2018

May 2018 Executive Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes May 2018


May 22, 2018 EMRA Meeting

Meeting called to order at: 7:10

Location: Brian W's Office

Jon Bullee


Lorna Stelmack


Owen Baba


Tricia Reese


Shane Fraser


Neil Carlson


Brian Lam


Graham Lynch


Eric Russnak


Jordan Oliver


Brian Worsdall




  1. Call to order

  2. Additions or amendments to agenda

  3. Last meeting tasks

    1. Owen find out about food handling he has 2 days before the event to get it.

    2. Owen find out more for fundraisers besides casino Rec room is avaliable but its expensive, hotels are booked up and Casino is booked 10 months in advance. Casino is best price, ~40 dollars a head. Fridays are not an option. Owen will send info over group chat. ASAP

  4. Reflection

    1. Thoughts on race school

      1. Good teacher student ratio. Got new batteries for radios to prevent radio failure. Overall it was a great day.

  5. Sponsorships

    1. Forum posts

    2. Final thoughts before round 1 Still setting up as much as possible. Blackjacks roadhouse- Brian will talk to them. Also going to talk to the provincial pub.

    3. Let people know how much the sponsors help them during riders meetings

  6. Public Relations

    1. EMRA banquet thoughts. (Owen)

    2. EAGR update skip the names of the groups. Put on some parade laps. Jon will come up with a name

    3. Hardnox contracts Tricia wrote up a new contract. 500 dollar deposit. Changes are there is a deposit, there is no cap on damages also lost or stolen radios are protected. all airfence must be used as per the diagram owen has drawn. Any damages to airfence will be reported by Nov 1st.

    4. Cancellations on race school pushed to a month out -All in favor.

  7. Logistics

    1. Round 1 duties Swag get hats 50/50 for hat sizing s/m and L/XL

    2. hats cost 30 dollars.

    3. Get more of the small stickers.

    4. Confirmed all the duties.

    5. Allowing all late people with a 50 dollar late fee.

    6. Neil does not mind doing late gridding. Registration closes at the riders meeting no refunds after 8 Am.

    7. Brian will find a board to put up sheets for qualifying and grids.

    8. Lorna will bring sheet protectors incase of rain.


Tasks come up during meeting

Future meeting notes

  1. Review exec duties after round 1.  

  2. Address where we are falling short after round 1

  3. Get banquet before june

  4. Volunteer sign up sheet

Jordan to find out about a gate worker, ice discount at work, help with parking on practice day, reorganize the corner bins and clean them out. Get the task list changes from owen and trish.

Next meeting date June 19th 7 pm