Meeting Minutes May 30 2017

May Exec Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes May 30 2017

EMRA Executive Meeting

May 30/2017 McCoy Building

Start time 7 pm


Dave Kendal
Joshua Almeida X
Jon Bullee
Brian Worsdall
Chrissy Mitchell
Brian Lam
Tricia Reese
Allan Millican
Owen Baba
Shane Fraser
Dana Draper

Track nights

Memberships – We need to have a signup sheet to get names and emails, Owen has made it. Takes too long to have riders register via laptop, we can take payment and add from the admin side later from Owen's sheet, or email them to have them register for membership online if they did not bring cash.

Volunteer track time – we need to add a cushion of 5 each group for volunteers, to ensure nobody is turned away when they come to redeem their vouchers. 20 spots for each group for online registration, if not all volunteer spots are used than any remaining spots can be paid registrants for late registration. Email them about the track night August 14th being a good night for them.

Passing zones – Castrol will provide cones for the passing zone for novices for track night.

Parking – we need to change the parking. Jon will talk to them about VIP in gravel pit where sideways grandstand is. Castrol is concerned about the parking. We need to put plastic barriers up so that we can mark fire lanes. We will let people know in riders meeting and registration email that if they are on the drag side they will be towed.

Round 1 Review and Discussion

Vendors - Max and Neil want to know if they are fine where they are. That area is for round sponsors, across from them will be vendor areas. BBQ will be by the Argyll tent.

Round 1 Registration

Gridding - gridding is more difficult than before. 3 hours to do gridding now, significantly less time if it is by qualifying time. This might be an AGM question.

Novice Advancement - We will have novices that want to move up register for only one day. They will be able to register online for intermediate classes on the sunday IF they email registration in advance.

Women’s open waved start –Blam will send out email to the women racers to get their vote

Timing – rule in Utah, if your transponder is not working it is your problem. There will be guidelines by the grid sheets of how to troubleshoot. If it is not working it is your problem not Brian’s or Dave’s, responsibility will be on the rider to confirm position with the rider ahead / behind for timing, otherwise they will be marked last if they are not running a functioning transponder.

New timing laptop is needed – it will be $1000 for a new laptop. Dave will order if the one Scott doesn’t have. It would be fast enough to run RaceHero as well as MyLaps.

Photographer Policies – agreed to photographers have to pick up the map at the pit gate, no photographers allowed on course without this – except for the EMRA official photographer Alana. She will check in with the main gate to let them know she is on track.

Round 2/3

Round 2/3 no in person registration. No changes to classes, grids will be done Thursday night. Qualifying on Saturday, but not on Sunday.

Transponders will be handed out by Brian and gathered up by Tricia. Non return fee of $100 will be charged. We need to find out the cost of a replacement transponder because one was lost.


HardNox air fence replacement – $1900 per block for replacement cost, cover replacement/damage $400 as per current vendor quotes for 2017. All in favor, Dave to meet with HX regarding rental contract.

August 13th track night – was to be a partnership with Hardnox they are out. The date is just ours. OTP would be willing to take ¼ of the cost so that he could run one group. We will do this. 4 groups – Racer group, Fast street, Slow street, and OTP. $200 track day.

Mid season moveup – as discussed last year there will be no midseason moveups from Intermediate to Expert.

Person Responsible

Action List

Brian W

Order 200 MDC

Jon Bullee

VIP parking talk

Jon Bullee

Social media about novice registration


Will look into buying holders for our rentals. Will look into club buy 260x for replacement


Will send out emails about women’s open to see what the women think


Will pick up 3 spare radio batteries


Will be the radio liaison for June 10/11


Will do an inventory of air fence before the next Hardnox event

Person Responsible

Previous Month’s Action List

Brian L

Purchase ear plugs for volunteers DONE

Brian W

Order lunch for race school volunteers / instructors DONE


Pick up snacks for classroom portion of race school, and bottled water for volunteers DONE


Send out task list to exec as a reminder DONE


Confirm tech decals for round 1 DONE


Make changes to tech video as discussed DONE


Pick up locks for trailers DONE

Brian L

Test gridding and timing at race school DONE


Send memo to riders to update firmware on transponders DONE

Meeting adjourned 9:45. Next meeting date June 27, 2017.