Meeting Minutes September 2016

EMRA Executive Meeting September 2016

Meeting Minutes September 2016

Minutes: EMRA Executive Meeting

Location: McCoy Corp 9618 42 Ave

1.Call to Order @ 7:10 PM on September 8, 2016

2.Executive Roll Call (A:Absent/P:Present/L:Late/C:Conference Call)

Dave Kendal - P
Dana Draper - A
Wilson Kwan - P
Jon Bullee - P
Shane Fraser - P
Brian Worsdal - P
Todd Yakimoski - A
Scott Paras - P
Aleks Vuckovic - P
Tricia Reese - P
Owen Baba - P
Chrissy Mitchell - A
James Melanson - P

Generators - Todd serviced the generator – sand in the bottom. Todd will check on the generators and maintain them.

PA System - Spectators can’t hear the PA system. We need to get some more outdoor speakers. Dana can we daisy chain these speakers? Can we attach a radio somewhere? Owen will ask Colin about whether they have any speakers for us to use. Should we just buy another speaker if they can be daisy chained. Dana will look into this.

Riders reps - Jon will explain what the rider’s rep will do and provide an example. Rider’s rep will keep a record of any interactions they have with riders.

We need to start thinking about awards – all exec

Banquet – same menu as last year. $47.05 a head for cost ½ price for volunteers who have not volunteered more than 3 weekends. Free for volunteers for over 3 weekends. Budget for 100 ticket sales, we will have to spend $1000 on the bar. We can set up at 4 – 4:30pm. We will price them at $45 and $60 for the door. The club will have to cover a loss to keep the tickets a reasonable price.

Number 1 plate - Jon will put together the number 1 plate stuff, unanimous vote to let him take care of this. Expenses will not exceed $200.00.

Trophies - Brian will come up with some sweet trophies. Brian thinks we should have an email to all riders for AGM, and banquet. Dave will look at if we can pull the emails out of registration.

No parking – We are having a problem with people parking on the grass by the track entrance.We have

Argyll ribbon so that we can block off the grass in front of the stands so there is no parking for the last round.

Unanimous decision to look into updating the EMRA logo. Trish will talk to Pinto about getting a new logo.

Storage and air fence trailers - Owen will take of tires and moving the trailers. New airfence trailer – we haven’t found anything yet.

Air horns – is there a better alternative? Nothing we can think of yet, we will revisit before round 1.

Beaumont BBQ – 4 seasons function, might not work because of logistics. Owen will talk to Castrol about getting food options for the last round.

Next meeting October 5th 7:00 pm

Action items

Person responsible Action

Dana Look into daisy chaining in more speakers

Trish Names of superbike winners going back forever

Trish Look into auction prizes from dealers for MotoGP party

Trish Talk to pinto about getting a new logo

Owen Trailer tires