Meeting Minutes September 2017

September Exec Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes September 2017

EMRA Executive Meeting

September 19, 2017 Chrissy's Office

Start time 7 pm


Dave Kendal
Joshua Almeida X
Jon Bullee
Brian Worsdall
Chrissy Mitchell
Brian Lam
Tricia Reese
Allan Millican
Owen Baba
Shane Fraser
Dana Draper

Eric Russnak
Greg Stein
Steven O'Brien



Review of rounds 5,6

Rounds went well. The only change for next year will be not having a Castrol day on the Friday practice of a double header. We did not know that we would have such a successful year so the Castrol street groups were a safeguard against money loss. We have a cushion now that we can run these as practice only days.

We have 10 bags of floor dry of our own now.

Jon and Dave have a meeting with Kim to discuss parking, dates and an update on poles and turn one.

Air fence


–Some of the exec spent 6 hours  assessing airfence – they repaired 3 foam blocks, patched about 8 covers, 6 covers that are beyond repair. Owen will look into replacement cost.  Hardknox owes us for 3 covers.

 Airfence setup first time next year will take longer because we need to put covers on.

 Once we have replacement quotes we will send a report to Hardknox about repairs and replacements.


Bike show

Jon will look into getting it booked. Calgary show currently has more people than space but hopefully we will get in.

Year end Banquet

We are at 60 people, we need about double that to break even. We will need to look at a banquet space earlier in the year so that we can get a cheaper spot.  3:30 pm we will check audio. Dave will check how early we can get in and if we can sell swag, look into game tickets for door prizes.



December 2nd at the Millwoods police station.  Brian will order pizza. Executive positions: we need to split out timing and registration.  We will make the timing position a volunteer honorarium system. Registration will remain an executive position.  We will stay with the same system President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Chief Registrar and 6 executives. We may have to hire a bookkeeper if we cannot find someone with experience; we would still have a treasurer position for cheque signing, daily operations. The AGM will start at 5.


Treasurer’s Report

It has been a  good season with record membership and racing.

MotoGP fundraiser November 12th

We will organize this through chat sessions


Action items

Look into Fast 25 payouts

Chrissy and Dave

The Rec room: look into swag sales, if there is a private change room, purchasing game tickets/drink tickets to fulfill our contract.


Bike show booking, new banners


Pizza for the AGM


Promotions and awards – in camera

Next meeting will be the AGM