Meeting Minutes September 2018

Meeting Minutes September 2018

Meeting Minutes September 2018

Sept. 05, 2018 EMRA Meeting
Location: Brian W's Office
Meeting called to order at: 7:05

Jon Bullee


Lorna Stelmack


Owen Baba


Tricia Reese


Shane Fraser


Neil Carlson


Brian Lam


Graham Lynch


Eric Russnak


Jordan Oliver


Brian Worsdall





  1. Last meeting tasks

    • Banquet update -  Owen has called and emailed them, no answer still. We have paid the deposit. Drink tickets are offered. Owens still waiting on drink choices. Owen needs help with the seating arragnegemnets. Owen will get ahold of Brian W and Jon to help. He is going to find out about adding a dollar a drink ticket to support Sean’s family. Seans family will be getting free banquet tickets. Jon would like 4 people to help with set up / tear down. Blam and tricia is asking for racers to get 50 bucks back for the end or (get banquet for free). Jon and Neil will MC.

      • #26 pins - Tricia will take care of the pin.

  2. Round 4 summary

    • Round 5/6 thoughts - we were doing amazing for time. Very smooth.

    • Novice last race-refunds granted to all novice riders due to cancellation

  3. Public Relations

    • Expectations from Castrol- turn 1 is moved back with a deep gravel trap. Turn 2 Lined with a hay bales. We would like to move the wall back from the bus stop and possibly add gravel. Corner 3 line walls with hay bales, and move the wall back to be flush with the tree line. Corner 4, Remove the cement blocks. Halfway between turn 4 and 5 maybe look at a removable wall to fill the gap. Put airfence in the shikane so we need the tires moved to be flush. And move back the front straight wall 5-6” back towards drag strip.

    • Retiring #26- done.

    • Logistics of the people's choice- renaming the spirit award to memorize Sean Henderson, jow would like it to be people’s choice.

  4. Logistics

    • Lowering race school price? - We would like to seperate the membership and the race school resulting in a lower race school fee.

    • Wrap up duties-

      • Winter clean up- trailer prep. Organize all bins drain the coolers, pull airfence inventory. And seal the trailer with tape/spray foam. Owen said he would buy the stuff. Need to know what covers need to be replaced. 22nd of sept. we can order pizza that day. We need to have all the bikeshow stuff in the tower trailer so we can have easy access to.

    • Airfence block design- we will look into airfence block design before next year. Supplemental airfence design. Owen will look into side impact airfence. Tricia will forward the email.

    • Novice licensing procedure -

      • Restricted novice license? - 3 crashes in a weekend we need to let them know they are done for the weekend. If you are in novice and crash 3 times in a weekend you are restricted to purely novice races---all in favor-- Brian Lam will add to the rule book and check the 3 crash rule. Needs to be case by case basis.

    • Any forward movement during the start light rules- tabled for the AGM

    • Jumpstart xavier verified By video.  points will be re calculated. Tricia will email riders in F112 incident about safe passing.

      • Michael gilligan incident- he was apart of the incident. Tricia will send him a message.

      • Blam will do an email blast on msr for the results for the year end. speedhive.

Next meeting -  AGM to be announced