Riders Meeting Notes

Please read through these notes carefully, as these rules highlighted below are very important for your safety and the safety of everybody else on track.

Make sure to read your tech sheet, all the races you entered should be on there, if they’re not on the sheet then you won’t be on the grid, go back to registration to get it corrected.

Have your transponders charged and ready, if the green light on the top is not flashing, you will not have times recorded.

A few rules around the track:

Bikes are only to be ridden when going to the track or off the track at a slow pace

  • Watch for children
  • Helmets must be worn at all times
  • Motorized pit bikes are allowed, Helmets must be worn
  • Keep all pets on leashes, please pick up after your pets
  • No wheeling or stoppies anywhere in the facility

Riders Reps are Shane Fraser (#35) Justin Knapik (#9) – any problems or protests see them first.

Registration closes after the riders meeting, NO refunds after this time. Grid sheets will be posted on the table under the Argyll tent. If you are not on the grid sheet, go to registration to have the problem corrected.

Starting procedure:

  • Grid in your spots
  • Red light will come on, Once the light is on, no forward motion is allowed (considered a jump start, penalized by 3 positions at the end of the race)
  • Once the light is out, you leave

During a race please be prompt to the grid. Once the first rider stops on the grid you have 1 minute to grid yourself, any longer and the race can and/or will start without you. If for whatever reason you are late to a grid, you must grid yourself at the very back of the grid. Don’t start weaving through riders that gridded properly or take a running start at the race.

Race Results are posted on the board under the Argyll tent, shortly after the race ends. You have 20 minutes to protest the results after they are posted.

Qualifying results will be posted after every full rotation of practice groups (1-4)


  • Yellow flag will be standing or stationary it means take caution, passing is still allowed.
  • Waving Yellow – serious hazard, passing is not allowed from the flag station displaying the flag to the incident, if you do pass a rider between the flag station showing the flag and the incident you MUST give the position back or you will be disqualified, right Brian?
  • Red flag – Serious problem on the track, stop at next corner worker station and wait for instructions, do not stop in a straight away or the middle of no where. When you see the red flag indicate to other riders you have seen a red flag by raising your hand, getting off the race line and slowing down at a controlled rate.
  • Black flag – Given for bad behaviour or bike problems, flag will be pointed at you as you pass the station displaying the flag.
  • Yellow and Red stripe flag – means adhesion problems or debris on the track.
  • Blue and green crossed flags is a courtesy flag – it is the half way point of the race.
  • Blue and white flag, also a courtesy flag – it is the last lap
  • Checkered flag – race is over, always race to the checkered flag.

Practice sessions, 15 minutes long, there are 4 groups

Practice groups will be the same as you had last round of last year. They were assigned as follows for practice sessions Saturday and Sunday:

Riders whose fastest laps are 1:24.5 and faster go in group 4

Riders whose fastest laps are 1:24.5 -1:27.0 go in group 3

Riders whose fastest laps are 1:27 -up go in group 2

All novice riders go in group 1

Lets all remember to keep racing fun and safe. we collected and spent thousands of dollars on safety, we used and promote as much safety equipment as possible, we have policy and procedures on track to keep us safe, last but not least and probably the most important - the safety come down to us as riders, the clubs mandate is all riders have the opportunity to compete impartially and as safely as possible. So lets keep that in mind this weekend.

Crashing – if you do crash please go see the ambulance first thing, take your helmet. Once you are declared fit by the ambulance go have your bike and equipment re-teched.

In the event of heavy rain the race will be declared a wet race and be clearly marked on the grid white board. we will not be using the bus stop. The bus stop will be coned off and Plastic barriers will be set up directing riders to the inside entrance of turn 3.

In the event of a rain race, if you do run off course please do not re-enter the track and drag mud onto the track, you will be awarded last place points.