1.1 Rider Requirements

All competing riders must meet the following requirements:

  • All competitors must have a current, valid roadracing competition license from the EMRA ($60.00**) or from a recognized road racing organization. e.g. CMRA (Calgary), WMRC (Mission), or MRA (Manitoba). If license is from outside of these acknowledged groups, you will be asked to complete a checkout session. Possible written test for flags, etc. may be required.
  • All competitors that have not raced within 2 years must complete a checkout session before competing. All competitors that have not raced within 5 years or more will be required to complete written test and checkout session. Competitor may be required to take Race School before competing. This will be a decision of the EMRA Executive.
  • All competitors must have a current EMRA membership.
  • Any rider under the legal age of majority in his/her home province/state must have filed a duly notarized form with signature of his/her parent or guardian, indicating consent to compete. If a rider has not furnished this consent document, and cannot furnish proof of age (birth certificate, driver license or passport), said competitor will not be allowed to compete in EMRA events. All competitors must be age 16 or older at the time of racing. With the exception of classes that permit restricted Youth racing. See section 1.4.
  • The EMRA does not provide any personal injury insurance for racers.
  • A rider who crashes must report to the ambulance crew and Technical Inspection for clearance before racing again. The crashed rider may first finish the race in which they are participating. At all times, event staff have the ability to deem any rider “unfit to compete” based on the riders medical or physical condition.

**Note: All membership fees’ are for current race season (expire Dec.31).

1.2 Rider Classification

  • Riders are classified according to their ability and are assigned “Novice”, “Intermediate” or “Expert” status for EMRA race events.
    • a)Novice status refers to first time or inexperienced riders. Novice riders must complete at least 2 race events or 4 races before they can be considered for advancement. If a Novice rider crashes in an event, they will be required to race an additional event or 2 races before advancement. Novice riders may be required to wear a bright reflective jacket to clearly identify themselves on the track during practice.
    • b)Intermediate status generally refers to riders that have completed novice status or 1 season of racing and have demonstrated the skills to control their motorcycle at race speed.
    • c)Expert status generally refers to experienced riders who have demonstrated a mastery of racing skills
  • Any competitor who has not raced in two to five years may be required to pass a Race Checkout Session to determine suitability for racing and rider status. Requirements are in Chapter 1.1
  • Any rider, holding a non-EMRA/CMRA road racing license or road racing school certificate, may be required to complete a check out session before competing in an EMRA event. Requirements are in Chapter 1.1
  • Advancement or demotion between Rider classifications is at the discretion of EMRA Officials (specifically Racer Rep and Race Director). At the end of the race season the EMRA Executive will give consideration to the movement of all racers especially those finishing in the top 5 of their race competitions. The EMRA Executive sets times and guidelines for expert promotion. The rider must also show valid experience, limited number of crashes, and good character. The Executive will have final say on all promotions.

Note: AM status generally aligns with Intermediate status and PRO generally aligns with Expert.


1.3 Number Requirements


Each motorcycle competing in an EMRA event must carry complete number identification comprising three number plates, one on the front of the machine and one number plate on each side. Each plate must display that rider’s designated and registered EMRA competition number (Not to be confused with each rider’s EMRA license number).

Race numbers must be 6” minimum height, with a 1” minimum white border and in a font that is legible for the purpose of lap scoring (while font styles that “taper” may be acceptable, a 1” width minimum across the majority or preferably all of the number is recommended).

Number plates should be:

  • Novice - Red number on white background
  • Intermediate - Red number on white background
  • Expert - Black number on white background
  • Overall Points Champion – White number one on a blue background

EMRA members will have first choice for numbers.

Race numbers will be assigned by EMRA Race Registration. Every effort will be made to minimize number changes during the season.

1.4 Restricted Youth License

EMRA Restricted Youth Racing licenses are an attempt at providing younger riders from the age of 12 up to 16 with an opportunity to race in a safe environment yet giving these same riders a way of graduating up to larger motorcycles. Restricted Youth Racing licenses will only be issued upon successful completion of an EMRA Roadracing school or equivalent.

  • Restricted Youth Licenses are only valid for competitors on motorcycles that fit into the Lightweight Superbike and Lightweight Open class rules.
  • Restricted Youth Licenses are only allowed to compete in the Lightweight Superbike and Lightweight Open.
  • The parent/legal guardian who accompanies the minor must complete and sign the parental waiver and release for each event. A parent or legal guardian must accompany the minor (a friend, neighbor or fellow racer is not adequate) and must remain present while the minor is on track.
  • Exceptions to this rule will be done on a case by case basis. Any youths wishing to race in different classes than those listed above must submit a race resume to the EMRA Executive. The resume must include previous racing experience along with which classes the youth wishes to ride in and which motorcycle(s) the youth wants to compete on. The resume must reach the EMRA Executive at least 14 days before the event. Submitting a race resume on time does not guarantee that the youth will be allowed to race in classes other than those listed above. All other EMRA rules apply.

1.5 Medical Data Carrier™

Each competitor must complete and affix to the left side of their helmet, a Medical Data Carrier™ these are available at registration.

1.6 Required Timing Device

Each competitor must utilize a club required timing device (i.e. transponder). The transponder must be compatible with the MyLaps timing system and each competitor must have their own transponder for a given race weekend. The club may have rental units available, but it is expected that the number of racers will exceed the number of rental units; therefore plan ahead.