7.1 Points

  • The EMRA awards points in all EMRA competition categories toward season Championships to eligible race finishers in the following order:

1st 25 points
2nd 20 points
3rd 16 points
4th 13 points
5th 11 points
6th 10 points
7th 9 points
8th 8 points
9th 7 points
10th 6 points
11th 5 points
12th 4 points
13th 3 points
14th 2 points
15th 1 point

  • Full points are awarded to any class with a minimum of five riders competing. If less than five riders compete in the class 1/2 points are awarded.
  • In case of a tie in overall point standings, the championship is awarded to the rider with the most victories. If the championship is still undecided, (i.e.: the tied riders have the same number of wins in that class) then the championship is awarded to the rider with the most second place finishes, or thirds or however low must be reviewed until the championship has been decided. If this method fails to break the tie, the rider with the best result in the final championship status event of the year is crowned the class champion. This system is used to break ties in all EMRA championships.
  • Each year the EMRA has an Expert Superbike Champion who becomes the next year’s EMRA Number One Plate Holder, this Expert rider may use a black #1 number plate for all EMRA events until the next year’s season ends and a new Champion is declared.
  • The Club Champion (Blue Plate Champion) is the racer who accumulates the highest point total combined from all classes in one season. The rider may use more than one motorcycle to enter different classes. Riders using only one motorcycle for all events must finish four races per race day in order for those points to count towards the Blue Plate Championship. The Overall Club Champion may use a white #1 on a blue background number plate until the following racing season ends and a new Champion is declared.
  • Team Championship:
  1. $20 per rider or $80 per team.
  2. Must register with Brian Worsdall by round 1.
  3. Maximum of 4 racers per team.
  4. No limitations on bikes or race entries.
  5. Intermediate & Expert combined teams are acceptable.
  6. Points are awarded to the rider, not the bike. (Riding two bikes in different classes can earn additional points for that one rider
  7. The one team with the highest combined point total will be awarded a custom team trophy at the year-end banquet.
  8. Each team member must have 4 team stickers on their bike. Logo, design, name, abbreviation, etc. Are all acceptable.
  9. Each team member must have 1 sticker on each side of the bike, 1 on the front section of the bike and 1 on the rear section.)
  10. Sticker size needs to be a minimum 4sq inch. (4x1, 4x4 or bigger)
  • For all classes there must be a minimum of three riders entered in more than 50% of the rounds to award a Championship.

7.2 Grid Assignments

  • The first sprint race of the season in each class is gridded based on previous seasons’ results, then randomly.
  • Subsequent races in each class are gridded based on series points accumulated in that class by each competitor. The competitor with the most points accumulated at that point in the series is gridded first; the competitor with the next most points is gridded second, etc. for the rest of the field. In the event of a tie in points accumulated, the competitor with the best finishing position in the previous event for that class is placed ahead of the competitor with whom he/she is tied.
  • For the Fast 25, Expert Superbike, Intermediate Superbike, Expert 600 Superbike, and Intermediate 600 Superbike classes only, gridding is determined by qualifying from the previous day’s practice sessions. If there is no practice day then gridding will be based on series points.