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  • Hey Steve.
    So I have assessed the damage to my nephews bike.
    Rear sub frame is too twisted to fix. The rad doesn't leak but is bent badly.
    All pretty easy stuff to fix.
    As I was thinking "well that's not too bad", I noticed the top of the shock looked tweaked or not straight. So after looking closely the rear tire looked not straight. I measured the swing arm and one side is 5mm closer to the ground than the other. :(
    Now my question is (I haven't pulled the swing arm yet) have you ever tweaked a swing arm? Are all gen 2 SV swingarms the same. The bike is a 2003 which is the first year of the gen 2 from what I understand. So can I use any swing arm up until the last model year?
    If so do you know anybody who might have one? Or a forum or SV club that I can start looking?
    thanks for your rely to my Calgary/Sv post.
    Hope to see you out there next season.
    I need to decide to bring my SV or get one hers.
    Can we camp at the track on race weekends??

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