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    2022 Rule Discussion

    The idea seems sound but I fear that would be a slippery slope on where or when do you draw the line for subsidy. I would rather see a “club/member group buy” order for air vests to save money….
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    2022 Rule Discussion

    Would it be possible to have formula thunder always be the last race before lunch? I have seen it on the schedule before and after lunch depending on venues. So could we just have it always run before lunch? I don’t have a schedule in front of me, so forgive me if I’m mistaken. Running sport...
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    Picture Plaques for 2020

    pm sent
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    2020 AGM Candidates

    I'd like to thank every member of this society for their contributions on or off the track. Without such a great group of people, we could never imagine having such a great club/society! I am running for president because there are fundamental values and changes that I believe will improve the...
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    Public Statement

    I am NOT affiliated with any organization or individual other than the EMRA. The following statements are mine and only mine, I am not speaking on behalf of the exec or any member. I do NOT disagree with any company supplying track attack day services. I disagree with the owner/operators of a...
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    EMRA AGM Mechanics

    Hi Ryan, I understand Brian W has contacted you and this item is closed now. If this item is still open feel free to reach out to me.
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    EMRA AGM Mechanics

    I'll find out........
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    EMRA AGM Mechanics

    The mechanics of an AGM vote, here are some tips. If you are planning on nominating someone for an executive (exec) position, you should first verify that the person you are nominating is OK with said nomination. Please do not nominate someone who is not or has not expressed interest...
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    2021 Rule Change discussion

    In regards to the by laws, its best to add a note to the AGM that the by laws will be updated using Alberta's more current by laws and adapt them for change for 2021 AGM. This allows the 2021 exec to work on them for presentation in 2021. There appears to be too many things in the air at this...
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    2021 Rule Change discussion

    Myself and Cory Crowe worked with Michael Parker (it just happened more then planned) as someone we would mentor this year and I think it helped, but you can ask him directly on FB. I was hoping to inject a mentor program next year but that all depends on the AGM voting etc. My idea is to have a...
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    2021 Rule Change discussion

    Perhaps what we are after is more policy and code of conduct, rather then a by law. For example: Conflict of Interest Policy A Conflict of Interest policy will clearly state not only what constitutes a conflict of interest, but also how to best disclose the situation to avoid or reduce...
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    2021 Rule Change discussion

    I would like to update some of our governing By Laws to reflect social and technical changes. The changes will be in affect for 2021..... Link to our current By Laws (copy)...
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    What a customer service from Bayside Performance

    I've not had a bad experience with Kevin or BSP. I cannot comment on what was going on but I've always had stellar service. One thing to keep in mind, you catch more bee's with honey then vinegar.
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    2020 Edmonton Motorcycle Show

    I'm available any of those days......
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    2020 Rule Change Discussion

    Not a rules change but maybe something to ponder for next year. Could we hold the AGM at let's say "Speeders" and have a "team" building, race and AGM day? I'm sure they have conference space to rent. I know there would be a cost, but if you made me pay to burn rubber and get an AGM in, I'm all...