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    2000 Suzuki sv 650

    Ya, where is the bike located?
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    2000 Suzuki sv 650

    Still for Sale?
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    Looking for 300cc race ready bike

    if you are still looking I have a Honda CBR250 race ready. New chain, sprockets, front forks redone, rebuilt rear R6 shock ( suspension work done in July this year by Vass performance $1400.00). Motor was done by Motts Machining in Edmonton and engine bored out to 320. Uses race gas. I use uv-4...
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    CSBK licence vs EMRA licence.

    I am thinking of racing at motorsport park in ontario in august during the CSBK double header. Does anyone know what status the EMRA intermediate licence has with CSBK as they have 4 different levels?
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    2020 CALGARY Motorcycle Show

    Friday 12-3 Greg Taylor
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    Picture plaques!!!

    yes please, paid MSR
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    Sean Henderson Most Outstanding Racer Award

    I would like to nominate Kyle Allan. Happy guy all around at the track, always willing to help you with your bikes and advice about the track and pretty much anything else. (even if there not broken Ducati's :))
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    6X10 Cargo Trailer

    still for sale?? how much??
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    2000 SV650 For Sale

    How Much$$$$
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    WTB AREA 27 Saturday April 6 Expert Ticket

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    2008 Suzuki GSXR600

    You still have those boots for sale?
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    bike lift, stands, tire tree ect

    I will take the tire tree if he does not.
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    2018 CALGARY Motorcycle Show VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!

    Hey, I can do the Friday noon - 5 if you still need someone. Let me know.
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    Pirelli Tires

    text him at 7807165610
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    *** Suzuki Race Parts ***

    Are you supplying slicks again this year? If so when are you starting to sell them, Pirelli specifically.