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    2008 Ducati 1098 street bike for sale

    More Pics More pics of 1098...
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    2008 Ducati 1098 street bike for sale

    Make/Model: Ducati 1098 Year: 2008 Color: Red Mileage: 7000 KM This is truly a beautiful bike in excellent cosmetic/mechanical condition and well cared for. I am selling as I just don’t have time to ride two bikes, and I am more dedicated to the touring side. All maintenance was done as...
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    2008 GSX-R 750 for sale race prepped, road legal

    Make/Model: Suzuki GSX-R 750 Year: 2008 Color: Burnt Orange/Black Mileage: 28000 KM One owner, well maintained. Located in Sherwood Park. Majority of mileage is from touring western states on 3 long trips at a leisurely pace. This bike was raced for one season (4 novice, 2 intermediate races)...
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    Online Purchasing Scam

    I had someone try to scam me on Kijiji when I was selling a bike, asking me to pay the shipping/insurance costs of the bike to ship it to Europe. When I didn't take the bait he promptly put a Jamaican voodoo hex on me - haven't been the same since!
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    Castrol Road Course

    Great news, and it sounds fairly solid. Now I have a new place to miss races.
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    This may help. This is the text from a checklist for trackday/racing. I can email it over in Excel format if needed. Clothing Both Helmets & Visors Gloves + spares LeathersBoots Knox Armour Extra socks, shirts Shorts Sandals Underwear Food 6-Pk Gatorade Water Peanuts Powerbars Safeway Sushi...
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    June 6th EMRA Track Attack

    excellent Thanks for more great shots. Your shots have continually changed/improved over the years. Much respect, you're a great contributor and asset to the club.
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    2004 Yamaha R6 - will sell cheap - moving

    Juan, how much easier can it get to come out of retirement?
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    Couple from 2010

    see you out there.
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    Great club to belong to.

    no, I only made it for Sunday afternoon. Matt
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    Great club to belong to.

    Couple more Couple more
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    Great club to belong to.

    Couple more. Couple more.
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    Great club to belong to.

    Great club to belong to -- RACE SCHOOL PHOTOS Thanks to the volunteers, and instructors for putting on another excellent school. You guys do a great service to the community trying to learn how to ride properly. Thanks for all the years of dedication and help you've given to the 'new' guys...
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    XT racing Ultra lap timer

    WTB: XT racing Ultra lap timer. Thanks.
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    here we go again.