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    Round 6 results and updated Championship standings

    Race results for round 6 are up! Also, the championship totals have been updated! Please check results and let me know as soon as possible if you see any errors. Congratulations to...
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    Round 5 results and Championship standings

    Sunday is round 6 and not ready yet
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    Round 5 results and Championship standings

    Round 5 results are up As well as championship totals Please check your results and standings!
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    Round 4 results

    EMRA Round 4 results are up Please email [email protected] as soon as possible if you notice any errors in either the results or the championships
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    FIM Approved AIR Vests 2022

    HI Folks, As many of you know, the EMRA has been encouraging folks to purchase and use airbag vests. As part of our incentive program, we have been offering a credit to folks who use APPROVED vests. More information on the incentive program HERE We have been in contact with the FIM directly...
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    Tech Air race. vs Tech Air 10

    Damn! Good find. I tried to find the revised regs today but ran out of time. Yes it appears the tech 5 is now homologated when the race algorithm is used. It wasn't previously because it only had a street mode. I believe under suits...those are the different versions of TechAir...and not...
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    Tech Air race. vs Tech Air 10

    TechAir 5 is NOT FIM homologated and not technically allowed for racing. Only TechAir Race and TechAir 10 are FIM homologated and approved products from Alpinestars. TechAir5 is only CE Level 1 front and back TechAir Race & TechAir10 are CE level 2 (required for FIM homologation)...
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    2022 Rule Discussion

    100% would support this initiative. I know it can be "cost prohibitive" for some, but so is loosing your life. And I have seen folks buy $1k+++ upgrades for the bike but NOT buy an airbag?!! Yea... Make i propose they are made mandatory like many other organizations have already done.
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    2022 Rule Discussion

    Cameron, I understand you are frustrated at what happened. However, casting blame on one person or persons for a series of unfortunate events, is (in my opinion) not correct. This is a volunteer run organization. The exec and volunteers, and many other people do the best that they can. I have...
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    2022 Rule Discussion

    Hi Dave.... I hope you are recovering well. Sorry that this situation was made worse by misstep by exec and EMRA as a whole. I do know that, although it's not en excuse, that day/weekend seemed to be quite busy with a few folks needing medical attention. As others have noted... This should be...
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    Water additive suggestions

    2nd here for water wetter. I have used in in Karts, cars and motorcycles for a long time.
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    The 2021 Sean Henderson

    Paul McD gets my vote!
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    2021 Race Numbers

    Thanks Grace! woot 55 is a GREAT number!
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    The 2020 Sean Henderson Most Outstanding Racer Award

    There are a few folks that come to mind. Eric, Tosh, to name a few. Because Tosh received the award last year, I nominate Eric. But if he wins, we need to make sure he doesn't add any custom parts to the trophy.