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    WTB: R3 - CBR600 - R6

    Hi Sam. I sent you a text - '09 R6 available.
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    '09 R6 for Race or B bike.

    '09 Yamaha YZF R6 for sale. Engine is stock, BMC filter with a flashed ECU, improved hand controls. Had a suspension (Race Tech) rebuild last winter. Featured are: GPR steer dampner, Armor bodies fairings, DB Holders fairing stay, Woodcraft protective casings, rearsets, hand guard, shark fin...
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    2020 Rule Change Discussion

    Thank you, was unaware of the associated problems, sounds like a larger hassle for sure. lol - seniors discount
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    2020 Rule Change Discussion

    Re race fees: If the club is standing well financially and also looking to increase participation within certain classes, would it be possible to explore a single rate entry fee for each race weekend. There is a growing number of the membership who travel longer distances incurring higher...
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    That is an excellent point you have made and one to ponder - good to investigate. I have more than sufficient medical coverage for 'out of country' travel (up to 40 days) but my regular insurance plan has a ceiling of $500K, just felt additional coverage was warranted given nature of...
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    Cost of racing may be a bit towards the upper scale; even though the consideration of increased risk and potential of even higher consequence may weigh fairly high, the sheer freedom of the mind with no internal noise while riding pays off in many ways.. I just obtained insurance with Tugo for...
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    Well Nut Search

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    May 16 2019 Track Setup

    Sure can help out for the 'take down'
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    Letter of resignation

    Tricia, I want to thank you for all the hard work and effort you have put towards the club. There have been many occasions that I have witnessed yourself putting club needs before your own riding desires. The club has lost one very important executive member but has now also gained another kick...
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    WTB 120/200 slicks

    I have (3) sets of Pirelli's plus (2) sets of used Dunlops as well. Several of these skins have some useful life remaining. If your still in a pinch let me know and I will bring to track Aug. 30 evening.
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    ISO 2009 R6 radiator

    Anyone out there have a radiator for a '09 R6? If it works and holds fluid, would be much appreciated.
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    WTB: Pirelli slicks

    Take Offs, last season sets x 3: SC1 front SC1(180/60) rear $50 set
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    Round 2/3 setup and teardown

    Will do my best to show up for 17:00 Eric.
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    Whoop whoop - rounds 2 & 3 happening soon... Many thanks to the Volunteers and the EMRA crew!

    Whoop whoop - rounds 2 & 3 happening soon... Many thanks to the Volunteers and the EMRA crew!