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    2007 GSXR-600 race bike for parts - SOLD

    Hi All, Bought the bike 3 years ago off an EMRA member; it ran but I never got to use it as I noticed a coolant leak (water getting into the oil) somewhere; could be a simple fix, could be expensive. I didn’t have time to investigate. So, it’s been sitting since then. Aside from engine...
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    Sealed lower fairing reg

    Msg sent
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    Sealed lower fairing reg

    I have a tech question for the execs. I have an 1199 panigale base model (raced it in 2017 for a couple novice rounds). I’ve tried to find a belly pan/sealed lower fairing without success. There are no commercially available ones for this model. To follow the spirit of the regs, I bought the...
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    Racer Access Pass

    awesome, thanks
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    Racer Access Pass

    For those of us who haven't collected ours yet (and are looking forward to impressing our friends with this fancy pass on its fancy lanyard), will they be available at the track this weekend? At the gate or registration table?
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    Leather repair in Calgary?

    I had mine repaired at A+ tailors after round 3. Took 4 weeks but Sam did a good job; looks good, good quality leather. Don't know if the price was fair; 450 for new [email protected]# cheek and complete forearm. A small panel should be 100?
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    FS: '04 Yamaha R6, race ready

    I'm doing up the ol' panigale for track only. It's hard to ride that bike for fun on the road and not be constantly looking over your shoulder worrying about the fuzz. Congrats on the promotion to expert, good work.
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    FS: '04 Yamaha R6, race ready

    SOLD********SOLD*********SOLD I'm selling my R6. I've been told that I can only have one track bike this year, and it won't be this one. I'm asking $3,200. I bought the bike from a club member last winter and raced 3 rounds this past year in novice. So, the bike meets all the club rule...
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    FS: AXO Talon Race Suit

    One piece AXO Talon, sz 54 euro (44 US). I'm 6'1, 180lbs, 42in chest; I wear a Forcefield Pro L2K Evo back protector and get a "race" fit. Bought 3 years ago, raced only last year. No crash damage, only light wear from the tank grips on the inside of the knees. Here's a link for some pics...
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    Sprocket sizes for 2007 Ninja 650

    You have a solid understanding of the concepts. Go to, load up the gearing for your bike and play around. You can get an idea of rpm to speed relationships and see what you'd like to do. Do you have a slipper clutch and quick shifter? Shifting more is more work load and...
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    Critique my novice session! Also tell me why I crashed :)

    agree with Mantis. Sounds like you add throttle, then let off at over 50 degrees of lean overloading the front contact patch; down she goes.
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    IOM TT Record Lap Video

    Everyone go on Netflix and watch "Road" if you want to know who Michael Dunlop is.
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    Setup/Teardown volunteering

    I'll help tear down. I have a 4 year old and have enough long, pointless stories at home. Mitch Siepka
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    Race day practice session

    Execs, Do we all get to ride the race day morning practice session on Sunday morning regardless of whether we pay for Saturday practice? Thanks.
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    Pit regulations

    Reading the rule book, a 5lbs extinguisher must be displayed at your pit. I think I remember the slide during the race school class reading "a 10lbs...". Can someone confirm please?
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    Mylaps transponder group buy

    I'll grab mine as well please Mitch Siepka
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    Race Number Reserve List (2016)

    Greetings, I'm signed up for the school in May; like to reserve red 50 please. Mitch Siepka