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  1. Nevets

    2015 Stealth Titan 6'x12' + V nose enclosed trailer

    White, enclosed, V-nose trailer 6' wide x 12' long, plus the small V nose. Tandem axles on springs with brakes Large ball 2-5/16" Stealth manufacturer, Titan model Spare tire E Channel, 3 strips front to back for two bikes, 8 or so E channel loops for fastening loads 7 pin connect to tow...
  2. Nevets

    ZX6R Race Bodywork 2007-08 - HotBodies

    I have a full set of HotBodies race bodywork for a ZX6R 2007-08 for sale. Includes upper, lower, tail, and front fender. I bought these by mistake, and never used them. Sells for 700$ USD before shipping. Your price...
  3. Nevets

    2019 EDMONTON Motorcycle Show VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!

    As always the EMRA will have a double wide booth at the Edmonton Motorcycle Show! It is the single biggest promotional weekend for the club. We get a great opportunity to capture a target audience and expose them to our awesome sport. Volunteers will be needed to hand out posters and spread the...
  4. Nevets

    Need someone who can weld aluminum

    I'm in a bit of a bind. My main front fairing stay snapped from fatigue. I now need someone to weld it back together for me before practice this Friday. It is not a complicated part, and I can easily take it off the bike and bring it to you. Please if you weld aluminum, or know someone who...
  5. Nevets

    HardNox Track Day - July 21, 2018 - Intermediate

    I have a HardNox Track Day for July 21 to sell for the Intermediate group. My wife crashed in Round 2 and broke her collarbone, and we had already purchased our passes for HardNox on July 21. Price is 250$ OBO. Text (780-803-zero1one0) or message me on here.
  6. Nevets

    2017 Year End Banquet

    As I was looking to this coming weekend, and plans for the year end banquet, I couldn't help but notice that the MotoGP race in Japan this weekend starts at 11pm Saturday night. Is there any chance that this could be shown at the banquet? I can't think of a better crowd of people to watch...
  7. Nevets

    Beacon Software Update

    So I saw someone post on the Facebook page that there is a new update for our beacons. And also that he was having some issues after installing the update. Do we need this update for tomorrow? Has anyone else had any issues with this update?
  8. Nevets

    Radio Announcement for Sessions/Races

    I know in the past we have used a radio broadcast to help let racers know which session or race is coming up. I also know the consistency has not been the best. I'm just curious to know if this is something we are still going to use, or if we're moving away from it in favor of newer...
  9. Nevets

    Stock R6 throttle tube

    Does anyone have a stock throttle tube off of an R6? I'm working on an R3, and the stock R6 tube is supposed to fit without any mods, and give a much shorter throttle on the R3.
  10. Nevets

    WANTED: Women's Euro Size 48 Race Suit

    My wife is taking race school this spring, and she needs a race suit. We're pretty sure she needs a women's euro size 48, but she needs to try it on to be sure. PM, or text me at 780-803-011zero. Steve O'Brien
  11. Nevets

    Sprocket sizes for 2007 Ninja 650

    I'm going to install a new chain and sprockets for next year, and I'm looking for suggestions about what size of sprockets to install. My Ninja 650 comes stock with 15 in front, and 46 at the rear. I currently have 14 in front, and 46 at the rear. I'm happy with the 14 on the front. I...
  12. Nevets

    HELP! Can not remove from sprocket

    Hi guys, I need to remove my front sprocket, but for the life of me can not get the nut off the output shaft. I have tried a wrench with a long (>3') pipe on it. I have tried heating the nut with a torch. And I have tried combining both. I don't have an impact wrench, and the nut is a square...
  13. Nevets

    Chain Lubrication

    What does everyone use to lubricate their chain? I've heard lots of different opinions from different people. Some say to only ever use heavy weight oil. The manufacturers of chain wax make it sound like there's no other choice but to use wax. I've used the wax for years on my street...
  14. Nevets

    Race School Forms

    I just paid for Race School via PayPal, and I filled out the forms. Is it really necessary to mail these forms? At the post office? Is there no email address where I can send a scanned copy of the forms? Steve
  15. Nevets

    WANTED: Windscreen to fit ZX6R race fairings

    I'm looking for a windscreen that fits the ZX6R 2009-12 race fairings. If you have one, I'll show up cash in hand. - Steve Found a couple
  16. Nevets

    Wanted: Back protector

    I'm looking for a back protector to get started racing. If anyone has a spare they don't want anymore, I'd appreciate it. I'm 6'4" tall, so it looks like I need an extra large. - Steve Got one, thanks guys.
  17. Nevets

    Getting started with EMRA

    Hello, After thinking about it, and hmmm'ing and haw'ing for a few years, I've decided that I want to get involved in track racing. I've owned a street bike for 5 years, and currently ride a Ninja 1000 (the sport touring model). For reference, I'm 6'4" tall, and weigh about 180 lbs. I want to...