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  1. Racin Jason

    Doug Clavier Where are you.

    Doug get a hold me too please
  2. Racin Jason

    To keep or sell

    Hi Logan. The 05 R1 is a solid race platform. It is a fast bike. Sounds like you have the right parts to get started. Step up to the big bikes. Do it. Having said that, it will be a big change from your R6. (I have raced both of these bikes) Approach learning the big bike smartly and you’ll be...
  3. Racin Jason

    Sprocket sizes for 2007 Ninja 650

    One thing to keep in mind. Engine braking. A bigger sprocket will also slow you down more when you roll off the gas. Gearing usually tends to be a compromise. There is no perfect gearing for every corner. As you are discovering
  4. Racin Jason

    Motorcycle Mechanic

    Glad to see you back.
  5. Racin Jason

    Race Number Reserve List (2017)

    Of course I'll take my number again. Is red 98 available?
  6. Racin Jason

    No Novice Cup/Series?

    Ya the novice class was never created with points or championships in mind. It was a class designed for new racers to get their feet wet without the pressure of full on competition. You want a shot at a title, you will need to show you are a safe and competent rider. Then you can move up and...
  7. Racin Jason

    Lost and Found Lap Timer beacon

    I have a spare one if you want it
  8. Racin Jason

    Rider insurance coverage

    Blue Cross covered me pretty good when I got hurt in Calgary. No issues with being injured on track.
  9. Racin Jason

    Cheaper Than Air Fence

    Tell me we are moving forward with this.
  10. Racin Jason

    Round 5, Senior Open Vid

    Wish I had a camera on in this race. Lots of off roading, wobbles and slides in front of me. Fun race
  11. Racin Jason

    Attention all racers

    So we are getting really close to the big national round. So exciting to have the big show coming back to Edmonton. On that note, those of you who aren't racing in the nationals need to consider racing in the EMRA support classes. I have watched national level racing come and go from Edmonton...
  12. Racin Jason

    Nationals Trivia

    So with the big Nationals coming back to Edmonton after a long absence, who can remember where and when these pictures were taken?
  13. Racin Jason

    Organizing pit spaces

    I'm sure our wonderful exec is working on this. As is everything with a new track, it's a work in progress. Please be patient and let's try and respect all our fellow racers when we set up and with pit etiquette. Hell I finally got a generator that doesn't make me the undisputed "asshole with...
  14. Racin Jason

    Toe Gaurd Placement

    I can confirm that you are good to go. The wife runs the same bike.
  15. Racin Jason

    Hey Steve. So I have assessed the damage to my nephews bike. Rear sub frame is too twisted to...

    Hey Steve. So I have assessed the damage to my nephews bike. Rear sub frame is too twisted to fix. The rad doesn't leak but is bent badly. All pretty easy stuff to fix. As I was thinking "well that's not too bad", I noticed the top of the shock looked tweaked or not straight. So after looking...
  16. Racin Jason

    LF: SV swingarm, sub frame, rad ect

    Hi all you SV guys Looking for a 2003 swing arm, rad, rear sub frame and any bodywork. Any help is appreciated.
  17. Racin Jason

    Hi Blair. How's things. You going to join us this year. I was just wondering if you still have...

    Hi Blair. How's things. You going to join us this year. I was just wondering if you still have the SV for sale or do you know anybody who has one for sale.
  18. Racin Jason

    2015 Bike show!

    As always, if I'm in town I will be there. It's not looking good this year though.
  19. Racin Jason

    CSBK is coming to castrol

    Drop by and say hi Thorsten! It would be great to see you again.
  20. Racin Jason

    WERA Grand National Finale

    I hope his riding has gotten less dangerous for those around him.