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  1. Framer

    MotoGP Grand Prix of the Americas tickets

    COTA gave me a refund...Nevermind.
  2. Framer

    SOLD - R3 clip ons

    I have a hardly used set of 41 mm Vortex clip-ons for sale. They were on an R3. $150. They are $205 new online. Kijiji add here for photos
  3. Framer

    Not everything in 2020 sucked...

    Back in March it sure didn't look like we were going to get to race this summer. Thanks to the hard work of the executive and volunteers, we did get to in the end and it was a fun season. This past season I rode a new to me bike, ran slicks for the first time, did more races than any of my...
  4. Framer

    Never mind, found one

    Howdy. Does anyone have a used slipper clutch for gen 2 SV650 they are willing to part with or looking to get rid of? Send me a P.M. Cheers.
  5. Framer

    Track Map

    Happy New Year! Does anyone have a good map image of Castrol they are willing to share? Cheers! Paul
  6. Framer

    Track ready 2002 ZX6 for a song *sold*

  7. Framer

    Tires at track attack May 17th

    Does anyone know if Max or someone will be doing tires on May 17th for the track night? Cheers
  8. Framer

    Track Attack Voucher

    Hey All, I have a Tack Attack voucher for the evening of the 31st for 100$ if anyone is interested. Save 50 bucks and ride your butt off. PM me if you're interested. Cheers.
  9. Framer

    Round 4 Pit Photos

    Hi All, Here is a link to some of Delaney's photos from around the pits during Round 4. Free to download from the smugmug site. Cheers. Paul
  10. Framer

    Round 4 practice and race photos

    Hi All, My wife Delaney was taking photos on Saturday and Sunday while we practiced and raced. She has 1100 from each day so it would be amazing if she didn't have something of everyone that was on the track. I think she got shots from most of the corners over the course of the weekend. The...
  11. Framer

    Round 1 Photos

    Hey All, My wife Delaney was making pictures Saturday practice and Sunday for all the races. She has 1750 pics that made the cut so there is a pretty good chance that if you were on track she got you. Here is a link to some examples of the different spots she was on the track. If you're...
  12. Framer

    Snell 2015 helmet

    Hey, I have an HJC CL-17 rated Snell 2015 that I've worn for 2 practice days and in 2 novice races. It's size large and just a bit too big for me. I paid about $175 and will sell for $100. It even comes with a medical data carrier!
  13. Framer

    Round 5 photos

    Hi Folks, My fiance came out to watch me race my first novice races on Saturday and got a lot of nice photos of you all too. She had a lot of fun and would like to share it with anyone that is interested. You can p.m. me on here or at [email protected] and we can hook you up. Cheers, Paul