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    WTB 2017 ZX10 wheels and rotors

    WTB 2017 ZX10 wheels and rotors Please text 587-340-666four
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    Jimmy Carr tickets for sale

    2 tickets for sale for the May 19 7pm show at the Winspear Centre Orchestra Centre A 111 & 112 Make me an offer text 587-340-666four
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    WTB Area 27 Hardnox track day

    Hi I am looking for an expert spot. Please text me at 587-340-666four Adrian
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    WTB Hardnox area 27

    If anyone has to cancel please contact me.
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    2006 CBR 600

    2006CBR 600 RR race $7,000 Leduc, Alberta For sale: 2006CBR 600 RR race bike or will part out. Ohlins rear shock. Ktech front forks. Ktech steering damper. Bazazz traction control,quick shifter,fuel mapping all handlebar mounted. Vortex rear sets and gearing. Spare wheels. $7000 OBO Email...
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    What is the plan for promotions this year ? There seem to be too many intermediates and too few pros.
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    Turn 1

    What is the status with Castrol to improve turn 1 ?
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    Truck mirror hit 1st round

    I am hoping that the person who hit my truck mirror with a trailer after the first round will contact me or swing by my pits with the new mirror you promised. Red #69
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    2013 Yamaha R1

    $14,000 OBO Ohlins inserts front Ohlins shock rear all set for 180 lbs rider by Vass performance. 8000 KMS Hindle full exhaust Bazazz fuel mapping Quick shift Vortex rearsets clipons levers gearing. Flash tune. 168/178 HP on Premium/Race gas Quick change wheel setup Spare wheels. All the stock...
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    Thanks for a great season

    I cant make the last round so thanks to the volunteers and exec for all your hard work. Please keep up the efforts to move the wall in turn 1.
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    Fund raising idea

    I plan to buy some Hardnox spots in Novice and intermediate and then auction them off with use of my R1 and Adams R6 plus a fully prepared pit setup / tuner / Umbrella girl/guy. Trouble is I am working up north on those dates so I need some help. Yes I understand our bikes might get smashed.
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    2008 CBR 125 race ready almost free

    Tara and this bike don't get along so... 2008 CBR 125 race ready , prepped by Vass performance. Race tech fork springs. 1 tooth smaller drive sprocket. Stock tires Stock stuff is slightly smashed but available. Price: Your donation to the air fence fund. Place bids in your replies or PM me...
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    Adrian and Tara available to help

    We want to help out with the club. Tara is willing to do registration/corner worker and I am willing to help out with tech. Let us know how we can help with that or anything else.
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    Bus stop

    Love the new pavement but it essentially makes it another straight with a slight kink. I equate this to the carousel in Calgary. The wall was way outside but if a pass was made the outside rider went straight into the wall, turn 3 in this case is 3 times faster. This is club racing I vote for...
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    New class

    I would like to propose a new class to run concurrent with Senior. Super senior , anyone over 50.
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    R6 wheels and steering damper

    Looking for R6 wheels/rotors and steering damper to fit a 2009 R6. Got some
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    Steering damper for 2008 R6

    Looking for a Steering damper for 2008 R6. Please PM or email at [email protected]
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    Pause for thought

    I am so happy I found this club and all the new friends. That said I want you to all stay around to be my friends for a long time. Too many nasty passes and too many crashes this weekend. Please respect everyone on the track this is club racing not MotoGP.
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    Painter in Calgary

    I need someone in Calgary to paint my bike Yamaha blue and the numbers. My friend tried to paint it and its hideous! Thanks in advance.
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    If there are no grid positions on the track due to rain or whatever I suggest we organize ourselves into the proper position before we get on the track and stay in that position during the warm up lap.