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  1. jetfixer15

    00 SV650 Race Bike

  2. jetfixer15

    00 SV650 Race Bike

    2000 SV650 race bike. **SOLD** Raced with the EMRA from 2007-2012 at Stratotech Racepark, Racecity Calagary and at Mission. Ohlins rear shock. Race Tech internals on forks. All suspension serviced by RMR. Yoshimura RS3 full system. Noise reduction plug included (passed noise level restrictions...
  3. jetfixer15

    Race Number Reserve List (2016)

    I do still have the SV and it even has new tires on it! I really wanted to go to Castrol this past year but it didn't happen for various reasons. Living on Vancouver Island and being reliant on the BC Ferries doesn't make travel to Alberta by road easy. Maybe I will just live vicariously...
  4. jetfixer15

    Race Number Reserve List (2016)

    Looks like Black 15 has been given away. I guess that's my own fault for not racing in three years. Maybe it's a sign.
  5. jetfixer15

    weighing bike

    I know this sounds funny but I weighed a few of my bikes, including my race bike, on a roadside truck scale (I used the one on Hwy 28 on my way back to Cold Lake). I am not sure how accurate they are or how often they are calibrated, but when I compared the weight of a stock street bike I had...
  6. jetfixer15

    Action Cam

    I have a Rollei Actioncam. I comes with a lot of accessories and it was on sale for $150 CAN from Chain Reaction Cycles in the UK. I just couldn't bring myself to drop $400 on a new GoPro. There are comparisons to the GoPro's on You Tube. I have used it a sub zero temps snowshoeing, mounted to...
  7. jetfixer15

    CSBK is coming to castrol

    Nice! I might have to come out from Vancouver Island this Summer.
  8. jetfixer15

    Kent Washington

    You will feel like you are racing through the forest.....actually you are. It's not all open area like most tracks and it has elevation changes.
  9. jetfixer15

    Safety wire question...

    Axle nuts must be lockwired unless secured by a cotter pin or hitch pin (R-Clips have to be tied or wired closed). Swingarm spool sliders are another option for crash protection instead of the axle sliders. Rear wheel removal and installation will be easier without axle sliders also. Any bolts...
  10. jetfixer15

    WTB: 1992 or 1993 kawi zx7rr

    That is definitely a 1996 and up model. Here are a couple of links that explain more about the ZX-7 & ZX-7R. This one is just an eBay buying guide piece on the ZX-7 but has good info:
  11. jetfixer15

    WTB: 1992 or 1993 kawi zx7rr

    Pre 1996 ZX-7R bikes are rare (as the standard model was just called the ZX-7). The 91-92 (K model) ZX-7R is different from the 93-94 (M model) ZX-7R (no R edition was made in 95). The 91-92 has the two hoses that go from the front fairing to the gas tank where as the 93-95 has a single ram air...
  12. jetfixer15

    2014 EMRA Rule Changes

    Having raced on split grids with multiple classes for years, I don't see a problem with it as long as there isn't a huge disparity in power between the bikes in each class. Having an R1 in Sportsman and a 450 single in Motard on the same grid wasn't great but the field was never so crowded it...
  13. jetfixer15

    EMRA T-Shirts

    Whats the plan for out of towners not going to the banquet? I just ordered a shirt.....probably should have asked that first. :)
  14. jetfixer15

    Pirelli/Metzeler 160/120 Rain Tires

  15. jetfixer15

    SV engine sputtering - suggestions?

    I sold the rains a while ago. Glad I could help Rick. Once your SV is running smooth you will enjoy it more.
  16. jetfixer15

    SV engine sputtering - suggestions?

    Rick: I checked my supply of spare main jets. I have 150 and 155 mains but no 152.5s. I think the spare 152.5s I had are residing in another SV.
  17. jetfixer15

    SV engine sputtering - suggestions?

    I don't have my SV carb notes handy, but I am pretty sure the needle clip goes on the third one down with one spacer on top. The factory Pro and Dynojet kits are almost identical, both needles will work the same as their taper profiles match. You need Mikuni N102/221 main jets for the SV Gen...
  18. jetfixer15

    SV engine sputtering - suggestions?

    A very common set up for the Gen 1 SV carbs is a BMC or K&N air filter (with the wide top opening), 152.5 main jets (up from stock 137.5), 17.5 pilot jets (up from stock 15), air fuel screws turned out 2.5 turns. If your air filter is aftermarket and has a small opening on the top you can widen...
  19. jetfixer15

    Need 2003 SV Fuel Line for this weekend

    Can you not use rubber automotive fuel line material with the same inner diameter available at auto stores and just cut it to length? I have replaced most of my fuel lines on many bikes that way. As long as there are no kinks in the line that interupt fuel flow it will be fine.
  20. jetfixer15

    SV engine sputtering - suggestions?

    From my Gen 1 SV combustion related Experience: FUEL: I ran my Gen 1 SV at Stratotech and Mission without making any jetting changes. The stock jets are 138's I believe. I had 152's with a BMC Race (the one with the wider top opening) air filter, when I ran at both tracks. If any of your...