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  1. eric92

    Six hour Ice racing dates are now up

    As many EMRA road racers (past and present) have been doing dirtbike riding and also participating in the 6 hour/Numb Bum type racing during the winter. You'll be pleased to know that the race dates are now posted and can be found in the two links posted below. Cheers and Happy Holidays...
  2. eric92

    cbr125 winter driving - dirt bike tires with ice studs

    This guy has got some Moxie!
  3. eric92

    Here's to wishing everyone a happy thanksgiving!

    We have lot's to be thankful for, (for instance like a racetrack in our backyard). Hope you all get the chance to spend time with family and or freinds and enjoy some Turkey this weekend. Cheers, Eric
  4. eric92

    When is the AGM?

    I was looking on the forum and couldn't find it posted anywhere? Banquet is tonight. Congrats to all who raced, won, etc...and those racers to be moving up from red numbers to black too.
  5. eric92

    Race City get another 5 year lease renewed

    I just read on both facebook and the cmra website that city councel voted in favor of renewing Race City's lease for another 5 years.