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    2016-Aprilia RSV4RR Racebike (Streetable if wanted)

    Bike is Sold. Been a slice everyone, miss ya and love ya. ~S
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    corner 1

    Soooo, Any update?
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    2016-Aprilia RSV4RR Racebike (Streetable if wanted)

    Bump *Edited price ~S
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    2016-Aprilia RSV4RR Racebike (Streetable if wanted)

    I think the time had come to put an end of my Roadracing adventure. This beauty RSV4 is for sale, as follows. 2016 Aprilia RSV4 RR, Clean Title. Race prepped by Vass Performance, Dyno motor tuned with U4.4, 1867km (800km of street use) Four tins of U4.4 (Tins just purchased in May 2017)...
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    Dunlop tires EMRA 2017

    Five years doing tires was enough for me. Not the way I would have liked to leave the paddock, but life is always full of challenges. Big Thanks to ZBM to taking over where, I failed. I know Mike, Pete and Trevor will do the club (& Dunlop) proud. ~S
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    Vp u4.4

    As Fireman already said. I have the following fuels in the trailer for the race rounds. MR12 - $190.00 per tin U4.4 - $130.00 per tin T4 - $110.00 per tin C16 - 140.00 per tin (Not in the trailer, so let me know before hand) VP100 - $130.00 per tin (Not in the trailer, so let me...
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    Pit Bull Trailer Restraint

    The closest Local I've gotten with Pitbull products is Vass Performance Cycle. You could also try and see if Vicious Salvage Cycle (west-Edmonton) is still a vendor. They where back when they where just Vicious Cycle. ~S
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    Dunlop 2016

    For all riders interested, Dunlop is paying out again for 2016. Better yet, I haven't screwed up the process this year! All racers should start seeing the certificates this month. If you'd like to register for the contingency, please see the attached for the form. I'll have them at the...
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    Dunlop Tyres - Payouts

    Just a reminder, if you haven't claimed the contingency by Round 4 you'll be forfeiting the balance. Thanks, ~Scott
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    Setup/Teardown volunteering

    Mike, I'm pretty busy on Thursday, but I'm planning on being out there for setup. ~S
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    Track bike recovery vehicle

    The duc ~S
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    Recommendations for rear sets, 2015 s1000rr

    You could check with Bickle Racing. I know that Michael Leon and Black Young from CSBK, are both using his rear sets on their 2016 BMW's. Might be a option? ~S
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    Race day practice session

    Yes. ~S
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    teach me some on race tyres

    I hope that all makes sense. Took me two stiff drinks of Knob Creek to finish, along with my ADD. ~S
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    teach me some on race tyres

    Thanks for the thread start. I can say from my personal experiance, that the Q3 can get you to the 1.26-1.25 range on a bone stock bike. They are that good, and I can't say enough good things about those tires. They've also been the so labled as the "Offical OTP Instructor bike tire" for...
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    Bus stop

    The Exec is working on it yet again. We asked for an open exit and have gotten an open entrance as well. You can be assured that there will be countless emails back and forth now, to the race round about the bus stop. The Hardnox day was a test to see how it worked as set up currently...
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    Pit regulations

    Either way, if fire comes to your pit or a close by pit. It's always better to have over kill in this instance than under. I recommend getting a 10lb extinguisher. ~S
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    Setup/Teardown volunteering

    Setup for the 26th. Thanks again for your help Mike. ~S
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    Pirelli Rain tires. Take offs

    Pirelli switched back to the 190 size in 2013. If you still have any 180 rain tires from Pirelli, you should toss them in the trash... That said, Dunlop has just changed all the rear rains to a 185 series. Should be interesting to see those in action this year. ~S
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    Race Numbers

    Also as a note, its been widely accepted to have a single tail section number plate on just one side. Example, ~S