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    1 piece suit

    Hey all, so I'm not 100% set on buying a suit but will consider highly if anyone has one in my size... I currently wear a 42 a* jacket so I'm guessing Ill be a 42 race suit. So I anyone looking to sell a size 42 suit let me know what you have and what you are looking to get for it...
  2. J

    Looking for shoulder bolt ASAP

    Hey all so I recently got a set of woodcraft rearsets for my 03' R6 to replace the one I bent aug 4th, I did not know they needed to use a oem shoulder bolt of the shift lever and I do not have one, I have ordered one but I don't think it will be in for the 1st and 2nd so if anyone has one of...
  3. J

    Where to but fairing stay for a older bike?

    Hey I am looking for a new fairing stay for my 03 R6 and I was wondering where I could get a race fairing stay? Or am I able to just make my own strong one and have it pass inspection?
  4. J

    WTB: 03-05 R6 Rearsets

    Hey all, So Saturday Aug 4th I crashed coming out of turn 2 and did some damage to my bike, I am going to try and straighten out the one that bent but i dont know what will happen. I'm however looking to get a new(used) set for a 03-05 R6 right now i don't care of the brand, i would just...
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    Whats your opinion?

    So I am kind of looking at avoiding paying 1500$ for a yamaha inverter, so i have been doing som looking and found a few at home depot for a nice price, this one i had a decent brand name...
  6. J

    WTB: Inverter or geni

    Hi all, i'm still in the market for buying a preferably Inverter, I would like to be able to run my SV warmers (props to Blair) and a air compressor if needed, or anything else really, so i'm looking for a 2000 min, i want to go look at Yamaha ones, but i figured why not see if i can get a used...
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    Where can i buy

    Hey all, So some may not be able to answer this but im hoping someone can, As we know its expencive to have bikes, so im looking at buying a tire balancer for changing my own tires, also if someone knows where i can get a bead braker and some decent spoons, i am cool with having things...
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    WTB: Tire Warmers, inverter/ Generator

    EDIT: I have bought a set of tire warmers. Mad props for Blair he had them shipped next morning, Thanks again. I'm new to track so its getting expensive fast (just bought track bike) anyhow the next 2 things on my list that i need are some tire warmers (ones i got with bike are IMO shot) as im...
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    03-05 R6 who races one?

    Hi all, So i have been out to 3 track days now (i have to miss july 1-2 :( ) Anyhow i am now hooked and want to make a track bike so i done mess up my 09' so goes the question who races them? i cant affored buying a 06+ and turning into track bike, and lets face it, we all like working on...
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    Track Attack Question

    Hi all, So May 6th will be my first track day and im EXCITED, most of my questions have been answered by e-mail but im going to ask this one here and hope for a quick and speedy responce. So i have payed for EMRA membership and i have payed for my track day, But got both i only got a...
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    95 dbl limit question?

    Hey so i have a 09' R6 with a BMC race filter and will be installing a full Leo exhaust... i cant seem to find out if that would put me over the noise limit? and how many people have even gotten close to the limit? Thanks