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  1. Scotia

    Mylaps x2 transponder

    For sale: mylaps x2 transponder, race key, holder and cable. Good physical and working condition. $80. Unfortunately, no subscription remains on it; will have to be renewed.
  2. Scotia

    180/120 Bickle tire warmers

    For sale: 180/120 Bickle tire warmers. Good condition and working perfectly fine. $200
  3. Scotia

    2008 Gsxr 600 trackbike

    For sale: my 2008 Suzuki Gsxr 600 track bike. modifications include: - PCV, though dyno tuned by Redline Motorsports, in Calgary - Akrapovic exhaust - Bazzaz Z-bomb - Servo Buddy - 02 eliminator - Pair and Set valve delete - K&N air filter - Driven sprockets, RK Maxx chain (520 conversion) -...
  4. Scotia

    Wanted: ‘07/08 Gsxr 1000 front rim

    Hey guys! As the title suggests, I’m looking for a good/straight front rim for a 2007 Gsxr 1000. If you happen to have one available, I’d love to acquire it from you. Thanks!
  5. Scotia

    Rzr scooter found

    ’Afternoon, all! After air-fence cleanup on Sunday, there was a “youth” rzr push/foot scooter left at my pit. I’ll bring it by next race round, if anyone should wish to claim it. Thanks!
  6. Scotia

    Preferred tire supplier and suspension shop

    Hello, everyone! As this is my first post, it's seems only appropriate to make an introduction..: Long time rider, - soon to be - first time racer. As such, I'll be taking part in this seasons race school, and subsequently, competiting as a novice. I'm a humble man, but try to be an ambitious...