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    2006 GSX-R600 racebike for sale

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    2006 GSX-R600 racebike for sale

    Bike is VERY FAST!!! 1. SUPERSPORT ENGINE BUILD(129HP ON U4.4) Can use pump fuel by removing mapping 2. Factory Pro Velocity stacks 3. Manual timing adjuster 4. Dynojet Power commander(mapped) Ignition module(mapped) Quick shifter 5. G.P. Suspensions Internals...
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    WTB GSXR600/750/1000 steering stem nut

    I'm pretty sure that I have spare parts, I'll check and let you know.
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    If I get serious about selling, the parts list will be very long. Have to take inventory.
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    I know, I saw. I've been asking a friend of mine if that's the same, he has the knowledge and if the price was right. there's a couple of other bikes I've been looking at.
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    There's a couple of bikes I'm thinking of.
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    Thinking of selling my 06' gsxr. lots of aftermarket parts, built motor, spare motor, motor in parts, 2 sets of bodywork 2 spare sets of rims just off the top of my head. Proven to be fast, 59's on this rocket! pic to come. not sure what to expect, $6500.00 for everything? until I...
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    u4.4 race fuel

    I have 1 can of u4.4 fuel for sale, make me an offer as I'm not around for the last 2 track days this year.
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    Round 5, greasy?

    The track felt good to me- not that my crash made it any worse. I can see the "green" only thinking about when I checked up I had no control. That's 50/50 as to how that happened though.
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    thanks guys

    I would like to thank a few people for the help they have given me as of late and over the last few years of my racing career. Dave Sushinsky for rebuilding my motor, Scott Paras for tue amazing tires, and last but not least Justin Knapik for the mental help- showing me the difference between a...
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    05-06 kawi bodywork

    I have a race upper, lower, and front fender for sale. They have some light damage and comes with the windshield. $150.00
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    Bike show volunteers

    I can work 1 of the days if there is still room or as a relief.
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    Track Attack Question

    How did you store your tires, how old are they, and the # of heat cycles the tires have been through are all important questions to ask. As well as how much tread you have left. There is always people selling takeoffs if there's any doubt.
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    upcoming 2012 changes

    Even schools with automotive programs might work, to add to that idea. The last I remember in Mission, if there were not enough corner workers, no one was aloud on the track period!
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    upcoming 2012 changes

    I just love to relive that moment, oh the good ol' times, thanks!:rolleyes: I don't mind riding with slower riders(sometimes I am one). The problem being safety, you can't know what the person your trying to pass is going to do. Can you trust they will hold their line and be "safe and...
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    Turn 1 SBK

    yes right, risk = reward!
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    Turn 1 SBK

    Need a kick in the butt to make me faster maybe, and a new engine for the bike would be nice. :D
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    requesting a Miller Motorsports thread

    There were some pretty loud bikes in T-hill last march, not sure what the limit is though.
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    WCC final points

    Just wanted to say congratulations to everyone who placed in the WCC, and thankyou to all who entered and made it an exciting year of racing-hope to see you out there next year.
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    Turn 1 SBK

    That is t1 for sure, crashed with only a few laps left in the superbike race. Very frustrating at the time, but cool to see the pics and check out the blacky my front tire left.