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  1. OwenB

    2023 Rule change discussion

    I don’t know if this is a rule change bylaw change or system change. In the 2022 season with concerns that cmra was running a event and not being part of emra and rumours that points would be a drop out round it kind of made me nervous for the purpose I didn’t feel it is fair to accept their...
  2. OwenB

    2023 Rule change discussion

    I support this message.
  3. OwenB

    2022 Rule Discussion

    I have a few I’d like to also motion. 1. senior open. I understand the the age of the senior open was moved from 35 to 40 and I would like to motion and change it back to 35. Based on the demographic of the riders a senior is about that 35 and older range. When riders are around 40...
  4. OwenB

    2021 Motorhead’s contingency plan

    Motorhead’s 2021 contingency program Motorheads will be rolling out a new contingency plan that will provide the opportunity to win CASH VALUE at the EMRA race rounds. If you are interested in entering and winning the funds, please follow the instructions below, and be registered to become...
  5. OwenB

    Getting Started with the EMRA

    Getting Started: What You Need To Know So you want to get started in racing. One of the best ways to get started in racing is to spend a year volunteering. Volunteering is the next best seat in the house other than on the bike, you see all the action up close. Once you have volunteered or...
  6. OwenB

    2020 Rule Change Discussion

    I would like to see a change to the team championship. Every year we tend to see it be a competition of who can do the most races and always comes down to two teams whit everyone far in the distance. I would like to make it you can race as many races as you wish but your top 2 or 3 finishes go...
  7. OwenB

    Sean Henderson Most Outstanding Racer Award

    I would like to nominate 3 people that represent the idea of the award of always there to help, and just outgoing and happy people. Smiling and helping. If that’s ok. 1. Tricia Reese, she always has an infectious smile and constantly walking around and just is such a positive energy in the...
  8. OwenB

    2018 Rule Change Discussion

    Here a few things I have collected over the year AGM Air fans race license -Race number licence for active races is an additional deposit. Must volunteer for 2 air fence set up or tear down to qualify for credit or refund. Other volunteer options are possible like bike show and other events...
  9. OwenB

    Ride share for race events and accommodations

    Hello everyone So I will be providing a direct connection for all Calgary or out of town people needing any info on Edmonton or anything I can do to help make your racing easier. Please feel free to contact me [email protected] Ride share We are setting up a ride share program for...
  10. OwenB

    Nationals - Who's interested

    I will be there for sure that weekend. Weather I'll be racing or not I'm still on the fence. I have a wedding to attend 30min away on the 19th so still on the fence but defiantly would consider it if there is a group of guys going. Flights if you book them now are aroun $530 last time I checked.
  11. OwenB


    Hello guys. So I am in the process of organizing accommodations for discounted rates and a list of hotels, motels, and camp ground for our members and will be placing a list in the comming months. I will also be starting a ride share program with contacts. Please bare with me for I will be...
  12. OwenB

    Does anyone race small cc bikes in the EMRRA?

    Yes we do ..... lightweight open For this year we have a new class and it is the "light wheight open" it is open to any bikes that are 390 cc or smaller Please refer to section 5.16 in the EMRA 2016 rule book. Also I believe we have 3 people confirmed in this class but some other members may...
  13. OwenB

    Race Number Reserve List (2015)

    Hello everyone, I will be back racing this year, I would like to reserve Red 25 Owen Baba see you all at Round 1