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  1. 2quickrides

    Tech air interest

    Just a stat for those on the fence about buying a vest..........not a single one of all the broken collarbones in the last 5 years racing with the club was wearing an air vest. And not one person wearing a vest has broken a collarbone.
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    2021 Motorhead’s contingency plan

    For the same reason there’s no points or trophies in Novice, that class isn’t about winning, it’s about progressing.
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    CBR1000RR Spiegler Brake Lines Twin 27" Fronts, 19.5" Rear

    Brand new Spiegler Braided black brake line set (front and rear) for 08 and up non-ABS CBR1000RR (or use to delete your ABS). Will fit a ton of other bikes (600rr for sure). Fronts are 27" each, rear is 19.5". $100 Pictures are obviously too large too attach because nobody has a 1MP flip phone...
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    Public Statement

    Speaking of conflict of interest, your main job (Almost only one) on the EMRA exec has been to run track days when the EMRA puts them on. You are then financially reimbursed for said work with free race fees and riding for free on those track days. Legally speaking, both your campaign and you...
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    2021 Rule Change discussion

    The highest 600 readings were high 90’s. I did not hear of any breaking 100. Even 1 I know was stupid loud.
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    2021 Rule Change discussion

    Resorting to name calling and then calling someone else childish? Ummmm.......perhaps this isn’t the discussion for you. Exactly. The limit at Strato is already quite lenient compared to other places. No point adding unnecessary complexity to it.
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    2021 Rule Change discussion

    So. Much. Reading. Lol. I'll keep the rebuttal short so people actually read it. Lol. 1. Just a note. In testing I've found the phone db readers read relatively accurate at higher frequencies (Like an inline 4) but don't register the lower frequencies accurately at all (Like a V-twin or single)...
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    2021 Rule Change discussion

    Except the point of the sound limit is to limit overall noise travel to the neighbors, which is dependent on all the variables that apply to the current testing method. So many bikes, displacements, engine layouts, exhaust lengths/sizes/designs and muffler designs will not all give a linear...
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    2021 Rule Change discussion

    Dorna has the resources and ability to enforce the weight and power limits they will be placing on those bikes, a small club does not.
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    2021 Rule Change discussion

    IF we were to base it off of times, it would have to be like this, based on bike classes. That is still a relatively quick LWT time, look at what Graham was doing this year riding the wheels off that CBR300. For everything else, that's on the slower side. At least 1:12-1:13 would need to be the...
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    2021 Rule Change discussion

    Devil's advocate, will this not be a motivator for Novices to start on a faster bike? Opposite of what should be happening?
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    2021 Rule Change discussion

    What about novices that run lightweights?
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    2021 Rule Change discussion

    Even those though, do we expect people to swap them out between Sport and SBK races or do we just want less race entries.
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    2021 Rule Change discussion

    We can greatly simplify the race class section of the rule book by using SBK rules for everything (most already are) with just the displacement and cylinder limits. It’s the same bikes running each class anyway and nobody is tearing down bikes to inspect them. No point having rules if we can’t...
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    Stratotech Round 5 Setup Time!

    It’s time again!!!! Tired of moving air fence? Us too! Still looking to get your air fence deposit back but don’t like air fence? Are you one of the people who didn’t like all the gravel everywhere last time? Then it’s win win as there’s no air fence to move! But there’s a crap load of sweeping...
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    SOLD Mylaps X2 Transponder Good to Next July

  17. 2quickrides

    SOLD!!! 2015 CBR300R Track/Race Bike

    SOLD SOLD SOLD 2015 Honda CBR300R Track/Race Bike Was sold as a track bike from new so can not be registered. Track only. 2413 kms. Hotbodies MGP Growler slip on T-Rex captive chain adjusters/spools Pirelli Diablo Rosso 3 tires Racetech Emulators and springs (0.90kg/mm) in forks, stock shock 0...
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    Castrol Race Round 3/4 Track Setup July 16th

    It’s already that time again! Are people commenting on your Covid belly? Are your couch cushions stuck to your butt when you go to the fridge? We can you helping us with air fence setup! IMPORTANT!!!!!! Please read the info below........ New rule for 2020! People helping with...
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    ISO 110 and 140 Take-Offs

    I’ll take those off you Matt.
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    2020 Rule Change Discussion

    Next you’ll be looking for a seniors discount. Lol The issue I see for this is that some people will only do 2 races a day no matter what and their fees will go up. The other issue is that some people will sign up for 8 races in a day if it’s free and still only run 4, leaving multiple empty...